Essay about Stereotyping And Discrimination : Black Young Adults

Essay about Stereotyping And Discrimination : Black Young Adults

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As a large, overweight, black young adult male in the US born is the 90’s, I’ve grown up having to face a lot of negativity from not only individual people, but from society as a whole. One though has remained prevalent an unsatisfied in my life as I’ve become more and more aware of its existence and true nature. Stereotyping and discrimination like other forms of racism are a hindrance to our society and if not addressed leaves long lasting wounds in our nation.
Racism is the discriminations, judgment, and generalizing of another individual based on the premise of race, religion, and or color. It is no new thing, in fact it has been going on since the start of this nation, from the belittling of the Native Americans that inhabited this nation to the Asians, Mexican, Irish and African Americans who helped build this country. My generation unable to fully grasp the understanding and or the heart pained meaning of such derogatory words phases and meaning have succumbed to it, now numb to all its pained effects it has to people. As we grow up we have our parent’s thoughts, opinions, and views of the people around us imposed on our being our very nature whether they be good ideologies or bad ones. And this is I feel the cause and reason for such spread of such a vile nature of origin. Words that should offend and upset people are now a daily part of life and are used as every day words with its meaning dulled away. And as ignorant as we are as a society we allow it to be pasted down from one generation to the next continuing a viscous cycle that we have let rule and ravage our nation.
Growing up I’ve seen and faced a lot of situations of racism. One example that has remained with me since the interaction that really showed me how stuc...

... middle of paper ..., their personality and individuality, but to treat them as equals respect them for their contributions. We need to treat each other with fairness and stop with the belittling of each other as a nation, as a race.
How our society is right now we have a bit of a ways to go before we can overcome the things that plagues our nation and I hope for over time a permanent fix can come. I hope that we as human’s beings and people can look past physical attributes and be able to respect and love one another based solely on the content of our hearts rather than the things we cannot control. But until then we have some time to go till we reach such a solutions and there most defiantly will be more struggle and headache and worry form the minorities in this nation. But alas, with time I believe anything is possible, with time we can unit, with time people will want to change.

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