Stereotypical Images of Women in Macbeth by Shakespeare Essay

Stereotypical Images of Women in Macbeth by Shakespeare Essay

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After reading a brief summary and seeing clips on YouTube, I got afraid when I saw the witches at a thunderous night. They told Macbeth and his friend Banquo the three prophesies which lead Macbeth and his wife become more greedy and ambitious which lead them to commit bad deeds. I got angry when Lady Macbeth set a plan to kill King Duncan. She lead Macbeth went to King Duncan’s room and killed him without any humanity and mercy. Her goal from this murder was to be a queen and her husband a king of Scotland and become wealthier than before. As a feminist, I felt that she is smart enough than her husband to force him by mocking his masculinity in order to commit the bad deed. The concept of stereotypical images of women is clearly shown in the play.
I had multiple reasons from choosing the feminist approach. First, Lady Macbeth’s relationship towards her husband made me furious about her acting as a male. Second, she is smart enough to set a plan and succeed to make her husband committed and made others suspect that the guards or King Duncan’s sons who committed the murder. Third, she fainted when Macduff discovered the murder of King Duncan in order to make others suspicious away from her and her husband. Fourth, her stereotyped as an angel at the beginning before and after getting the throne made me confused about the relationship with her husband. Finally, the stereotyped of Lady Macduff made me to compare it to the Lady Macbeth.

Sandra M.Gilbert and Susan Gubar, authors of the Madwoman in the Attic: the Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination (1979) assert that the male voice has for too long been dominant. Because males have also had the power of the pen and therefore the press, they have been able to ...

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