Stereotypical Bully And The Bully Essay

Stereotypical Bully And The Bully Essay

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Imagine he stands tall with his arms chained across his chest. The color black illuminates from him and spills over the edges in his presence. His knuckles show bruises and his face is stuck in a permanent scowl. He is the epitome of bad. Your breath catches in your throat. He reaches out with his pale hands and dirty fingernails and grips around your shirt collar. The coldness of the lockers pokes at your back as your feet dangle, begging to reconnect with the ground. His tobacco filled spit stains your cheeks as he growls, “ Give me all your lunch money.” You call out for a teacher, but what is a teacher supposed to do?
What I already know, assume, or imagine and why I am interested: I’m sure everyone can envision a bully. The stereotypical bully and the bully no one would even consider to be a bully. For example, there is the bully I described above. Then there is the not so scary, pretty girl who feels better about herself by belittling others. Some cause physical pain and others cause pain mentally. Since I was in elementary school, I have always heard multiple teachers say, “ If you are being bullied, do not be afraid to tell us. We will help you.” But, that was quickly diminished when seven year old me raised my hand to complain about another younger boy picking on me and hitting me. The teacher simply responded, “ Don’t be a tattletale. Just ask him to stop.” Just ask him to stop? As I grew up, bullying disappeared. No one spoke to us about it. No one really even acknowledged it in high school aside from the few posters hanging in the classrooms that stated “NO BULLY ZONE” in bold letters with a red stamp over the words.
I recently came across a news article addressing a terrifying bullying incident...

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...and help as well.
From attempting to gather information and being disappointed to speaking with my former teacher, it seems like maybe a state policy should be put in place. I feel like bullying is a big issue that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Teachers go through training for sexual harassment and how to avoid it which shouldn’t be an issue anyway. Why shouldn’t they be required to go through training or meetings to discuss how to handle bullying in the best way to benefit students. There should be procedures set in place. This shouldn’t be an issue that is so easily dismissable, and I feel like as a whole bullying is overlooked and not taken seriously. It may benefit to start small and just raise more awareness about bullying, because how is it supposed to be fixed if it’s not even recognized. The issue of bullying is greater than what we think.

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