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Stereotypical Black Women Essay

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When I lived in Atlanta approximately 1 year ago, growing up as a child I would hear the term black queen. To my understanding a black women and a black queen are one in the same, but growing up the two words became different meanings. People began to change and no longer were they practicing their queen ways. People were now becoming ignorant and began following the crowd instead of being themselves, setting them apart as just black women. Black women have been around for several centuries and in that time we were vigorously known as black queens all over the world such as in, Africa. We were known for our strength, security, stability, and power also for our greatness. As poet Maya Angelou said, “I’m a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman that’s me.” A black woman is a very powerful being and to me a great phenomenon, but why are black women not embraced as queens anymore? Personally I think being a black women and a black queen is a stereotype within itself. Black women cannot be considered black queens anymore until they start being themselves and not what society has made them out to be. The black women of today will always be profiled by people because it doesn’t seem that they want to accept who they really are, leaving them in the category of just a black woman. So, does history truly repeat itself? Will society ever come awake from this slumber? Several of the major stereotypes about black women are that they are being portrayed wrong. Just like in the Article Mother Tounge by Amy Tan when the mother was profiled by how good her English was it is similar to black women who are profiled by the stereotypes of today.
In society black women are no longer represented as the nurturing, protective, loving, and caring mother, no...

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... but they aren’t lies either because we comply with them. Yes, they will wake up when they come to the realization that they are tired of Maintaining and being the stereotypical black women and want to be prominent black queens. Yes, history always repeats itself maybe not in the same fashion, but it will come in the same essence. And yes, society will never stop stereotyping black women because they know that sooner or later, it is going to become the norm and we will accept what we have been given until we are ready to change it, and stop trying to accommodate society.

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