Stereotypes, Sexism, And Sexism Essay

Stereotypes, Sexism, And Sexism Essay

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This essay will explore the negative stereotypes which feminists encounter and how misogyny, racism and sexism are present within these stereotypes. Firstly, in order to explore the idea of negative stereotypes against feminists/feminism movement it is important we have the same definition of feminism. According to Tarrant (2013) “Feminism is a social movement that seeks equality of opportunity for all people, regardless of gender” (Pg 58). There are two negative stereotypes which will be focused on within this essay, firstly the idea that feminists hate men and secondly all feminists believe in the same thing. There are various other stereotypes which are associated with feminists/feminism according to “All Diva Media” they lay out ten different stereotypes however, this essay will only focus on the two mentioned.
To begin with the first stereotype which is targeted at feminists/feminism movement is, the idea that if you are a feminist then you hate men. One of the reasons being this statement is inaccurate is because the idea of the actual feminist movement is to change societies consistent ideologies by in turn providing a fair platform where women and men are able to be equal. Therefore, hating men would not make sense and clearly contradicts the idea of the feminist movement. According to Tarrant (2013) “A central core of feminism is the idea that our biological sex doesn 't determine our life goals, emotions, behaviours and preferences and it shouldn 't determine our opportunities” (Pg, 58) This is where sexism becomes present within this stereotype, my understanding of sexism is discriminating any individual due to their gender. This negative stereotype encourages the creation of sexism between women as they view men a...

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...for back then is different from what feminism is fighting for today. In today’s society we now have a difference in perspectives regarding feminism, where the majority of ethnicities are viewed as important not just the white women being superior. This emphasizing my point that we all have a difference of views. Men’s idea of being a feminist will not be the same as a women’s idea of being a feminist meaning we do not all think the same .
Overall, it is clear that surrounding feminism/feminists there is a variety of different stereotypes which are associated with this movement however, by writing this essay I feel that I have dispelled two of the main or most common stereotypes. Feminists do not hate men nor does the feminist movement and like the rest of society we all have a difference in opinion just like feminists, no two feminists share the exact same opinion.

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