Stereotypes, Prejudice, And Discrimination Essay

Stereotypes, Prejudice, And Discrimination Essay

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Stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination all include the process of grouping people together that either have or perceived to have a direct interaction with one another, are a member of the same social category, or have a shared common fate. A stereotype is the belief about individuals based on a generalization of their group membership. Stereotypes are usually assumptions that all individuals have a certain trait if they are apart of a shared group. Prejudice is the feeling one has about an individual based on their group membership. It is an emotional response including but not limited to hate, disgust, and/or fear when interacting with or thinking about an individual that is apart of a certain group. Discrimination is your actual behavior as a result of an individual’s group membership. They act upon their prejudices, and behave in a way that is hurtful to a certain group or helpful to a favorable group. All three are seen in the movie, Schindler’s List.
Serotyping of Jewish people and Nazis are a common theme in the movie. Nazis were often stereotyped among the Jewish people as heartless killers. Jewish people made the assumption that if someone belonged to the Nazi party, then they all were killers that disregarded the well-being of the Jewish community. Most Nazis, however, did believe that, but Oskar Schindler is a perfect example of a Nazi who disagreed with the treatment of Jewish people. Jewish people were often stereotyped as belonging to a dirty, and impure race. People saw them as dirty people who were poisoning the bloodline of humanity. As a result of stereotyping, many Nazis had prejudices against Jewish people for simply for being Jewish. On top of being Jewish, if they were old, young, or handicapped, the Na...

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...tates that when a person is in a different group than theirs, they often see the individual as a typical, stereotypical person that belongs to that certain group. It also states, however, that when a thinking about one’s own group, they tend to believe that they all have different and multiple traits that make them individuals. When one believes that every individual is typically like every member of their group, it often leads to prejudice for a group member. This is seen when Stern is hesitant and standoffish towards Schindler at the beginning of the movie, for he believes that he is just using Jewish labor for his benefit. Stern generalized Schindler as a typical Nazi, someone who does not support nor care about Jewish people. Stern, however, saw the Jewish people as valuable, individual people with strong skills and assets that could contribute to the human race.

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