Stereotypes Are Influenced By Media And Things Essay

Stereotypes Are Influenced By Media And Things Essay

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Stereotypes are often largely influenced by media and things we hear or see on a daily basis. Sometimes they can be from personal experiences and from parental guidance. However, many times, especially when they come from the media, stereotypes can be wrong or slightly off.
Catholics are believed to be a very religious group of people. The strict Catholics follow the bible and attend church regularly. Some of the stereotypes that I grew up believing were that Catholics are very conservative, republicans; that they’re homophobic, racist, classist, anti-science,unaccepting/close-minded, ignorant, and many other things. My parents raised me to always see the good in people but that didn’t stop me from forming stereotypes in my head.
When my parents were growing up, both were raised catholic, my father more heavily than my mother. He went to catholic schools all the way up to college and was required to attend church every Sunday. Coming from a very catholic family, my father was the outlier. He no longer attends church and he and my mother both never pressured me or my brother to attend. They had completely different upbringings and they wanted their children to have better lives than they did. On the rare occasion, we would go to church on Christmas Eve, but it was never more than a spur-of-the-moment thing.
My brother is my half-brother from my dad’s relationship before he met mother; they weren 't married. When my parents met, my brother was three years old and my parents didn 't get married but within five years of being together, they decided to have a child, me. When they announced that they were having me, they were asked something similar from each family member: “Does this mean you 're getting married?” they always replied...

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... questions about my faith and opinions and of course I was being honest. They asked me questions about where I usually went to church and when I told them I’m not a regular church goer, they gave me disapproving looks and then started asking about my background and opinions. I was asked about marriage, abortion, and even where I stood with the LGBT community. I answered honestly to each question I was asked.
Maybe it was just a bad experience. I knew this boy was very conservative so obviously the people who he’s around are going to be are going to be conservative as well. However, it was not my only experience. Every year Durham holds the annual pride parade and before I was a freshman in high-school and I didn’t know what it was or that it even happened. Freshman year I started going and I didn’t expect to find protesters there. There was a group of maybe 10 to 15

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