Stereotypes And Prejudices Against African American Essay examples

Stereotypes And Prejudices Against African American Essay examples

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Stereotypes and prejudices against African American
Antwan Foster
Miami Dade College
Prof. Ramsundar

African-Americans are the most stereotyped people in the world. These stereotypes are based on cognitive structures that may contain the beliefs, knowledge and expectation of the perceiver about the African-America. The stereotypes and prejudices are constructed out of a kernel of trust and then it is distorted beyond reality. The stereotypes against African-American were built through generalization of a truth that contained negative characteristics of the black people. Thus, stereotypes led to prejudices that entailed preconceived opinion that is not based on experience or reason.
The origin of the stereotypes against African-American
The stereotypes about African-American started in the late 19th century when the slave trade was booming (Rome, 2004). During this time, the colonial masters of African State used to sell black people as slaves to people in North America. After the abolishment of the slave trade, Africans were set free and could not return to African since others were born and bred in America. They started a community called African-Americans they were viewed as slaves even after slave trade.
Reasons for Stereotypes
After the abolishment of slave trades, most African-Americans were discriminated and racially abused because people believed that they were born to be slaves. The extraordinary talent of the singing of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston has made people think that all black people can sing, and that stereotyped is held up-to-date (Rome, 2004). Due to their slavery background, people stereotyped black people to be stupid. They believe that African-American went America because they w...

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...kplace (Couillard, 2013). People can also exercise tolerance and patience with African-American to learn more about their cultural background. Lastly, human rights activist groups should be at the forefront of raising people’s awareness of the myths that are perpetuated by prejudice and stereotypes. Thus, advocate for people to avoid them (Couillard, 2013).
Stereotypes and prejudices against African-Americans have been there for three centuries now. These stereotypes and prejudices are led to myths that all black people can sing, and they are make everything about race. The biases have resulted in discrimination towards African-American, who in turn has developed bitterness and resentment towards predators. The exercising of patients and tolerance to learning more about African-American can dispel the myths that are perpetuated stereotypes and prejudices.

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