Stereotype Threat Of Being A Woman Essay

Stereotype Threat Of Being A Woman Essay

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Women are subject to underperforming in the workplace, sports field, and many aspects of life due to stereotype threat of being a woman (Cite.) Self-fulfilling prophecy is the theory that we will fulfill and conform to any expectations we set for ourselves. This works in positive and negative ways; if one imagines success they will achieve, if one imagines failure they will usually fail (Cite.) What stereotype threat does is give the threatened group expectations that they then fulfill (Cite.) This current study is important because we looked to see if affiliation with a sports team would buffer the negative impacts of stereotype threat for women. The main findings of this study were: that men primed with sports affiliation and gender was positively impacted, when primed with sports affiliation women out do men, and that priming with sports affiliation overall has positive impacts.
Our first hypothesis, that men and women would not differ on pre and post-tests in the control group was correct. We expected there to be no gender differences in the control group because our research shows that without priming negative stereotypes women and men do not differ on performance (Spencer, Claude, & Dianne, 1999.) This result is not surprising; men and women are neither smarter nor dumber than each other.
Our second hypothesis was not supported. We predicted that women in the condition of sports affiliation and gender would outperform women primed with only gender. There was no significant difference. We believed that priming women with gender would make them perform worse due to stereotype threat (Spencer, Claude, & Steel 1999). To counter that effect, we believed that the positive impacts of sports like lower-stress levels, higher posi...

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... done on this to see if this finding is replicable. Another implication comes from our finding that women are significantly positively impacted by sports priming. This is odd because it did not, in turn, buffer against the gender priming. As seen in figure two, the two conditions primed together lead to a decrease in positive impacts compared to each condition on its own. This coupled with the background research on women soccer players (primed in the same way) that had positive results (Martiny et al., 2015) makes no sense. Our findings did not replicate theirs so this means more research in this field needs to be done. Lastly, the finding that sports priming is significantly better than gender priming implies that sports do seem to have a positive impact on people and this is more than enough reason to pursue further research on the buffering effects of athletics.

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