Steps When Adopting a Second Cat Essay

Steps When Adopting a Second Cat Essay

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Many people decide to add one cat or two to their family, hoping that cats become best friends. Then your current cat will have to play with when you're out all day. For some animals, the introduction of a new friend is no big deal, but for others it leads to fights and fears! Here are some tips on how to gather all with the minimum of stress for them.

You will need:
A room with a door that you can keep closed.
Separate food and water bowls for your new Cat
Sanitary tray for your new Cat
Toys (you can use the toys that you already have, if you have enough for this)
Blanket or bed for the new Cat

Now, follow these daily steps:

1st Day
Determine a room for your new cat. Ideally, you should have the above items in the room before you bring the cat home, but okay if that is not possible. Your new kitten will explore while you prepare everything. Is best to keep food bowls and bed on the other side, away from the litter box.

Keep your new cat into their place. Do not try to take your new cat in the house in your arms . The chances are high that it will surprise and then try to jump o...

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