Steps Towards Recovery, Independence, Dignity, Empowerment, And Success Essay

Steps Towards Recovery, Independence, Dignity, Empowerment, And Success Essay

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to 5 = fully implemented) (Furlong, et al., 2009). The outcomes show an average rating of 3.5 (out of 5) for the five teams (Furlong, et al., 2009).
Another example, in California, a capitated program (set price per person) named STRIDES (Steps Towards Recovery, Independence, Dignity, Empowerment, and Success), is a
close replica to the ACTS model. There is a low caseloads, 24 hour availability, weekly meetings, and medication monitoring. In addition, there are substance abuse counselors and employment specialists available to clients (Chandler, Spicer, Wagner, & Hargreaves, 1999).
Chandler et al., 1999, conducted a study of 60 participants, receiving in-patient care at a long term mental health facility (Chandler et al., 1999). The goal was to show that a capitated ACTS model would lead to early community integration (Chandler et al., 1999). Thirty of the subjects received services from an ACT team and the comparison group received treatment as usual from the county (Chandler et al., 1999). The results for the participants involved with the ACT team shows: all were released into the community within 116 days; the cost of care was about 13 thousand dollars; and had over twice as many days spent in the community (Chandler et al., 1999). In contrast, the comparison group: integrated at a much slower pace; for example, 12 of the comparison group remained hospitalized after 12 months; seven remained after 16 months; and the cost was over 39 thousand dollars (Chandler et al., 1999). The study proves that STRIDES is an economically sound program providing clients with tools to function in the community, obtain a better quality of life, and accessing treatment and services (Chandler et al., 1999).

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...any poor and/or rural areas (Drake, & Deegan, 2008). They suggest ACT is necessary in providing outpatient services in states; because, they have a short supply of community based mental health centers and high rates of homelessness, incarceration, and hospitalizations (Drake, & Deegan, 2008).
Assertive Community Treatment is an effective evidenced-based treatment for individuals with serious mental illness with high rates of hospitalization. The need for more intensive out-patient services after deinstitutionalization led to the development of ACT (Drake, 1998). In fact, outcomes prove ACT helps reduce hospitalization rates, improves quality of life, and reduces substance abuse issues (SAMSHA, 2008). On the other hand, the ACT model is not conducive to recovery; therefore, should be modified to a more recovery model (Furlong, et al., 2009).

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