Steps to Improving the Socioeconomic Conditions of the Aboriginal Population in Canada

Steps to Improving the Socioeconomic Conditions of the Aboriginal Population in Canada

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The aboriginal people live in reserves that are rich in minerals like oil and gas. Their traditional beliefs cannot allow them to benefit from an economic venture like mining. They believe that Mother Nature should and needs to be protected. In a bid to do so, they have rules against exploitation of nature like modern mining. This puts their traditional values at odds with economical developments like mining. This leaves them in a dilapidated state as poverty kicks in (Wilson and Macdonald, 2000). If the aboriginal people were to concede to mining, another issue like land ownership would still crop up. Aboriginal tribes vehemently believe in owning land communally. Mineral rights in Canada can only allow mining to take place in a piece of land that is owned by an individual. This makes any form of mining taking place in the aboriginal land a difficult task.
The refusal to embrace development and live out of their reserves has seen most aboriginal people living in low employment areas (Wilson and Macdonald, 2000). Most children live with their parents in the rural areas. These parents may be illiterates and they lack to see the need for formal education for their young ones. Without education, it is difficult to find sensible employment, this again contributing to the low income of the aboriginal people. Children who make it to school end up dropping out before they attain a high school diploma. The number of people from Aboriginal communities without high school diplomas is twice as much in comparison with the non-aboriginals (Wilson and Macdonald, 2000).
The issue of poverty is not without resolve. Awareness programs can be set up to educate the aboriginal peoples of the need for education. Low income and subsequent poverty are...

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