Essay about Steps For The Educated Citizen

Essay about Steps For The Educated Citizen

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America is at a time in its history where it is drastically changing the way history was thought to follow. That being said the people of the 21st century have been at the cusp of all of the changes, change can be a way to create an environment that welcomes people. However within America these changes have been mainly for the better. And within the next 40 years the us is going to create steps for the educated citizen to make a better informed decision about how they are going to help other people within the states that are going to be discriminated against. That being said America has set up a track that is going to make the next 40 years glide by, in comparison to what we are having to fight through today,but the education needs to continue from there, because if your citizens ever become less informed about what is happening around them. They will fall behind.Making situations equal or more devastating than the way that we have those things now established, and this is done only through lack of education. So if we don 't keep America educated the it is extremely likely for the united states to degrade the lifestyle that we have all become accompanied with.

America’s political state is in a state of increase currently due to the fact that there are a large number of Americans who are seeking higher education. Racially America has seen a large amount of difficulties. If you are a white person then there is a large possibility that you won 't see the police’s perspective on racial discrimination. If you have black colored skin you are more likely to be picked up for committing a crime than a white person, and this has everything to do with profiling someone based on their looks and not really what they actually did. In fact, sta...

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...nformed citizen within the states, epically because it is the country in which you choose to reside in. And if you don’t choose to live here then you can leave pretty easily. That being said don’t let anyone tell you what you should do or what morals to stand by, because it is up to you to create your own morals, And if you are already an educated citizen then there should be no reason for you to even have to read this, because you should already know that you need to get the facts straight from the sources or else the point of view could be skewed. Just like in the book Black like Me where everyone thought the main character Mr. Griffin Was a white man who appeared to be black, and fooled everyone around him except the people that he told. So the only thing I urge an educated citizen to do is not have anyone discern what you think find out the facts for yourself.

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