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The Stepping-Stones to Life Essay examples

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When I first joined the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps at my new school, I had no idea what I getting myself into nor what my future would entail. One day, my close friend of mine suggested me to attend one their practices – so I did. Upon my entrance, my eyes were opened to a completely different environment, something that I had never experienced before. The moment I open the door, I saw both males and females screaming at the top of their lungs in their attempt to do as many pushups their body would allow whilst their partners were valiantly cheering them on. The noise accumulated from about a group 30 people and which reach to the equivalent sound of a homecoming football game. The expression of agony on their faces irked me. As me and the other new attendees watched in astonishment, practice then proceeded to “drilling,” a term that I did not comprehend at the time. As the males spun their rifles and made complex movements, the routine was in perfect sync and every movement was crisp and precise; it was obvious that they had done the same movement thousands of times. Despite the meticulousness of the guys, the entire team would be punished for the mistake of one single person.
I did not understand. The screaming, dedication, and sheer seriousness as a collective whole were utterly foreign to me. Thus, I thought to myself, why? Why were they hurting themselves in the attempt of performing something that was not even a life-or-death task? Why were they working themselves to the extent that they could drop dead any second? Why did they care so much? Little did I know, that my questions would be answered within the first year of being a cadet.
Fortunately, I continued to attend practice and before I knew it, I ...

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...ts to be successful. I subsequently took adjusting to the lifestyle of NJROTC as a personal challenge. I grasped the notion that when one is determined as bad as he or she wants to breathe and is willing to sacrifice their blood, sweat, tears, and even to the extent of sleep altogether, will one only be successful. After this realization, I was able to apply this essential rule to everyday life. Not only did I receive the award of the best first-year cadet in the program, but also I reached out and influenced my fellow teammates by leading by example. Subsequently, I made way onto the varsity team and the cadets from the junior varsity team to it as a personal challenge to follow in my footsteps. It is the relentless dedication to success that preserves George Bush’s long reign. As the Commanding Officer of NJROTC, it is now my duty to maintain this critical morale.

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