Stephen Krashen 's Theory Of Second Language Acquisition Essays

Stephen Krashen 's Theory Of Second Language Acquisition Essays

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Stephen Krashen is an expert in the field of (nativist) linguistics whose theories focus on language acquisition and development. Krashen used many aspects of Chomsky’s innatist theory to explain second language acquisition. The most widely endorsed theory associated with Krashen is his Monitor Hypothesis. The process of SLA, Krashen claimed, is an acquired process as opposed to a learned one. Macaro identifies the similarities of Chomsky and Krashen as being L1 development, claiming evidence for a similar silent period, similar acquisition orders, and similarly using the Language Acquisition Device (Macaro, 2010). Krashen’s ‘monitor theory’ was used as a means of differentiating between the learnt system and the acquired system whereby only the conscious learnt system could monitor speech production (Macaro, 2010).
Krashen’s theory of second language acquisition consists of five main hypotheses.
1. The Acquisition-Learning Hypothesis- Krashen believed that learning and acquiring a second language are two different processes. The theory suggests that new linguistic information is obtained by the learner subconsciously (Macaro, 2010), much like the acquisition of the native language, whereas learning language is more of a conscious understanding of the language. Krashen advocated that language is more readily acquired when it is used to transmit messages in natural form of communication rather than when it is explicitly (Crochunis, Erdey, & Swedlow, 2002). We conclude that if second language learners are provided opportunities to produce the targeted language in authentic interactions with peers and teachers, this would positively influence the acquisition of the targeted language. Therefore, it could be said that language teache...

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...orted in a comforting, safe learning environment where errors are viewed as learning tools the “filter” will not be activated. In turn, the language input will likely promote acquisition. Teachers must provide a welcoming, safe environment that encourages students so they are available to learn and set up to succeed.
All in all, Krashen’s hypothesis have proven to be effective in English language development classrooms which has made an impact of the teaching of second language acquisition. Most essential to the implementation of Krashen’s ideas is for teacher to enhance development through a comprehensible input that is slightly beyond the level of the learner 's language proficiency level in a safe learning environment. It seems obvious that language teachers should consider Krashen’s hypothesis when structuring their programming for English language learners.

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