Essay on Stephen King 's Reading Writing

Essay on Stephen King 's Reading Writing

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Many people think that reading more can help them to think and develop before writing something. Others might think that they don’t need to read and or write that it can really help them to brainstorm things a lot quicker and to develop their own ideas immediately (right away). The author’s purpose of Stephen King’s essay, Reading to Write, is to understand the concepts, strategies and understandings of how to always read first and then start something. The importance of this essay is to understand and comprehend our reading and writing skills by brainstorming our ideas and thoughts a lot quicker. In other words, we must always try to read first before we can brainstorm some ideas and to think before we write something. There are many reasons why I chose Stephen King’s essay, Reading to Write, by many ways that reading can help you to comprehend, writing, can help you to evaluate and summarize things after reading a passage, if you read, it can help you to write things better and as you read, it can help you to think and evaluate of what to write about.
One reason is that, there are many ways reading can help you to comprehend. Comprehend is basically means “to understand something.” This is because in order for you to write something, you must understand what the passage is about and then start brainstorming some ideas of what to write about. In Stephen King’s essay, Reading to Write, King wrote, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others. Read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.” (King 221). This proves that, reading can help you to comprehend of what you’re going to write about. However, if you don’t read, you are more than likely to have a pro...

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...stly proves that, reading can help you to brainstorm things before writing. As you can see, after we read, we might/will be really confident writers of what to write about that reading can really help you to jot down and brainstorm some ideas before writing something and soon as we keep on reading more and more, our writing might/will eventually improve.
Therefore, there are many reasons why I chose Stephen King’s essay, Reading to Write, by many ways that reading can help you to comprehend, writing, can help you to evaluate and summarize things after reading a passage, if you read, it can help you to write things better and as you read, it can help you to think and evaluate of what to write about. Finally, in conclusion, reading can help you to brainstorm some ideas to evaluate and write about. Reading is essential. It can help you to write and develop many ways.

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