Stephanie 's Managerial Functions, Hiring, Firing, Scheduling Employees And Controlling Her Own Department

Stephanie 's Managerial Functions, Hiring, Firing, Scheduling Employees And Controlling Her Own Department

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Stephanie’s managerial functions are hiring, firing, scheduling employees and controlling her own department. Every morning she sets up her department by determining correct product placement to increase store sales, while pulling the out of date products. She believes she hasn’t lost any ability to be part of the gang in her department. Her goal is to try to provide a nurturing environment for her employees. She believes management is all about leadership and the apparent best way in her view to lead is to nurture her employees. According to Stephanie, “They will talk to you about any problems they have been having outside of work. Me as a manager, am there to listen and give advice to my coworkers.” Stephanie has never had to deal with stealing or any other unethical behavior in the workplace besides for intoxicated workers and she just simply asks them to leave. She believes eventually she will encounter a lot more unethical behaviors in the workplace besides for intoxicated employees.
She has been transferred twice in the stretch of a month from Londonderry to Merrimack and now to Nashua, NH. Her district manager wants her to lead and gain experience form other stores in the area. She is proud about the fact she has worked at Shaws since she was 16, and has worked there for 8 years. She is quickly advancing within the organization after graduating from Plymouth State University two years ago. The main way Stephanie handles effectiveness with efficiency is through cutting deals with vendors and scheduling employees during, times when a store is typically busy according to sales history reports. According to Stephanie, “It can be pretty hard balancing efficiency with effectiveness. You, never know which product is going to sel...

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...3. People around you follow your demeanor, so if you have a positive attitude they will too and it makes work a little more tolerable when trying to deal with nasty customers. Never thought my psychology class from high school would ever come in handy in the business world. I don’t want to start out working retail I’d like to be in middle management after graduating from SNHU or UNH Manchester with my degree in Management. I see my mom every night when I get home from work or school leave to go to work nights at Lahey Health centers in Burlington, MA. Working nights and being on your feet takes it toll both mentally and physically, I like to learn new things and watch documentaries and I really would like to keep doing that as time goes on. I’m not sure if I will be able to learn new things as I gain new responsibilities and still have chores of my own to complete.

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