The Step Father Molesting The Client Essay

The Step Father Molesting The Client Essay

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In my humble opinion a combination of theoretical reasons indirectly lead to could have led to the step-father molesting the client. Also the same for clients initially keeping her abuse a secret and her developing the courage to reveal it as stated above.
Part Three Sexual Abuse in Canada (Statistical Support)
“ (Mooney, 2012)Child abuse refers to the physical or mental injury, sexual abuse, negligent treatment, or maltreatment of a child under the age of 18 by a person who is responsible for the child’s welfare.” (Mooney, 2012, p. 159)Investigations by child welfare organization substantiated 38 percent sexual abuse cases.” (Mooney, 2012, p. 159)The most common form of sexual abuse within substantiated cases involved touching and fondling of the genitals (68percent); attempted or completed sexual intercourse accounted for about 35 percent of substantiated cases.” (Mooney, 2012, p. 159) According to statistics Canada, “the second most prevalent type of police-reported violence committed against children and youth is sexual assault. (, 2015) “In 2008, there were over 13,600 child and youth victims of sexual offences reported to police. Over half (59%) of all victims of sexual assault were children and youth under the age of 18.”(Ibid) While both boys and girls are vulnerable to sexual violence, 9 the vast majority of child victims of sexual offences were female (82%). (Ibid) Girls under the age of 18 reported a rate of sexual violence that was nearly 5 times higher than their male counterparts (337 young females per 100,000 compared to 72 young male victims) and substantially higher than that experienced by young adult females aged 18 to 24 ...

... middle of paper ... in the full recovery of the client.
This assignment dealt with an issue of child abuse reported by a client at my placement. I identified the stage of life the abuse first started and the current adolescent stage that the victim is currently at. The issue was linked to the psychological theories of Freud and Erickson. The second section of essay applied the developmental theories of cognitive, behavioral, biological and sociocultural and ecological to the issue under analysis. The third section dealt with relevant statistics on the issue from a Canadian perspective. The final part of the discourse dealt with the agencies that I as Social Service worker would recommend to the client so they made be able to deal with negative effects of abuse. Two of the agencies were Toronto Children’s aid and Unison Health centre. The essay was then concluded.

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