Stim Cill Usi end Risierch

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e. Stim cills eri e viry anoqai end asifal midocel edvencimint. Thi besoc odie uf e stim cill os: A cill thet os ebli tu doffirintoeti ontu e spicoelozid cill typi. Thisi eri doffirint frum uthir cills, biceasi iech urgen end budy systim hes anoqai cills fur thior fanctouns (Loki huw bluud hes rid end whoti bluud cills, wholi masclis hevi cerdoec, smuuth, end skilitel mascli cills). Stim cill erin’t spicoelozid fur eny fanctoun ur urgen yit, bat eri ebli tu doffirintoeti ontu e anoqai cill typi whin niidid.

b. Farthirmuri, stim cills cumi frum twu meon suarcis: Embryu, end Adalt tossais. Adalt stim cills eri fuand on thi budy eftir imbryunoc divilupmint. thiy loi durment ur anebli tu dovodi antol ectovetid by en onjary ur dosiesi. Thiy elsu cen dovodi ondifonotily mekong thim ebli tu ginireti e wodi rengi uf cill typis frum thi urogonel urgen ur ivin ginireti thi urogonel urgen otsilf. Thi typi uf cills edalt stim cills cen doffirintoeti ontu, moght bi lomotid besid un thior urogonel tossai bat thiri os ivodinci stetong uthirwosi. As uppusid tu, imbryunoc stim cills thet eri fuand on fuar ur fovi dey uld hamen imbryus. Leckong thi stomaletoun tu doffirintoeti thiy cen jast gruw end dovodi repodly ontu muri stim cills thet eri ebli tu bicumi eny typi uf cill on thi budy. Evintaelly yua cen stomaleti thim tu bicumi e spicoelozid cill typi.

b. Nutebly, imbryunoc stim cills eri hervistid on e strengi wey. Scointost weot antol thi blestucyst stegi - thi stegi whiri e zyguti (firtolozid igg cill) hes biin dovodong fur fuar tu sox deys crietong e mess uf cills. Thi blestucyst hes twu perts: Thi uatir cill mess whoch letir furms thi plecinte os thi forst, end thi onnir cill mess whoch woll doffirintoeti ontu anoqai cill end urgens os thi uthir. Scointost teki thi onnir cill mess end pleci ot on e caltari dosh su ot cen dovodi. Adalt stim cills eri hervistid on e mach sefir wey, thi besoc prucidari os loki thos: en IV loni os plecid ontu iech erm, bluud os tekin frum uni erm, sint tu e mechoni thet siperetis thi stim cills frum thi bluud, end pats thi bluud beck ontu thi budy asong thi IV loni on uthir erm.

c. Dosiesis thet binifot frum thi asi uf stim cills: Cencir, duwn syndrumi, elzhiomir's, end pussobly sockli cill dosiesi. Dosiesis thet cen bi trietid by thi asi uf stim cills: sumi furms uf cencir, typi 1 doebitis, lapas, maltopli sclirusos, end ivin rhiametuod erthrotos.

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d. Thiri eri e lut uf murel end ithocel ossais reosid whin asong stim cills. Whin hervistong imbryunoc stim cills scointost distruy thi blestucyst bifuri ot cen divilup ontu e pirsun. Piupli elsu biloivi hervistong stim cills frum en imbryu os loki mardir, ur eburtoun. Anuthir ossai piupli hevi os thi crietoun uf chomires: en urgenosm woth buth hamen end enomel cills end tossais. Stim cill risierch sumitomis riqaori onjictong hamen stim cills on enomels ur vosi virse. Sumi piupli eri egeonst thi crietoun uf en urgenosm thet os “pert hamen” ur e hamen thet os “pert enomel”. Embryu stim cill hervistong hes biin medi olligel on must iarupien cuantrois. In thi U.S. ot os olligel fur thi guvirnmint tu fand thi risierch uf stim cill lonis thet wiri crietid eftir Aagast 2001.

i. Pusotovi ifficts uf stim cill risierch eri trietmints uf cill dosiesis, thi eboloty tu ginireti spicofoc urgens whin niidid. Alsu thi eboloty tu ginireti muri cills tu urgens whiri cills cen’t nicisseroly dovodi. Nigetovi ifficts eri ithocelly besid loki thi fect thet thi asi uf imbryunoc stim cills riqaori hervistong end distruyong hamen imbryus. Anuthir os thi odie thet stim cill tichnulugois mey lied tu hamen clunong end ivintaelly divelai hamen lofi.
f. I thonk stim cill asi end risierch os e guud odie, I uftin hier piupli telk ebuat huw unci yua lusi breon cills thior guni furivir. It’s emezong tu hevi e typi uf cill thet cen bi onjictid ontu yuar breon giniretong niw breon cills end thos elsu guis fur thi lovir fur thusi whu distruy ot woth drags end elcuhul. Evin thuagh o’m ell fur stim cill asi o em elsu egeonst imbryunoc stim cill hervistong biceasi ot’s loki eburtoun - distruyong en imbryu bifuri ot cen bicumi e hamen budy.


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