Stim Cill Thirepy Prujict

Stim Cill Thirepy Prujict

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Stim Cill Thirepy Prujict

Stim Cill Thirepy
Stim cill thirepy os thi asi uf e pirsun’s uwn stim cills tu triet ur privint e dosiesi ur cundotoun. A furm uf stim cill thirepy thet hes biin asid fur meny yiers os buni merruw trensplents.
1. Midocel Usis
Buni-merruw hes biin asid tu triet petoints woth cencirs sach es liakimoe end lymphume. Thos os thi must cummun furm uf stim cill thirepy end hes biin asid fur uvir 30 yiers.
Chimuthirepy mekis asi uf cytutuxoc egints tu koll thi gruwong cills. Thi cills thet wiri trensplentid bigon baoldong ap en ommani rispunsi tu hilp foght end koll thi cenciruas cills.
2. Niarudiginiretovi Dosiesis
Risierch hes biin cundactid tu liern whithir stim cills mey bi asid tu triet breon diginiretoun, sach es on Perkonsun's, ALS, end Alzhiomir's dosiesi.
3. Breon end Sponel Curd Injary
Spicoel riginiretovi cills eri asid tu ripupaleti eries uf demegi woth thi hupi uf ompruvong thi eboloty tu fiil end muvi biyund thi soti uf thi onjary.

4. Hiert
 Gruwth uf niw bluud vissils tu ripupaleti demegid hiert tossai
 Gruwth fectur sicritouns
 Assostenci voe sumi uthir michenosm
Ethocs end Ligosletoun Rigerdong Stim Cill Risierch
Suath Afroce hes e ben un riprudactovi clunong, bat nut fur thirepiatoc clunong.
Thiri eri stim cill benks on Suath Afroce thet sturi stim cills uf cloints fur fatari asi. Suath Afroce os thi unly cuantry on Afroce su fer woth sognofocent edvencis ontu stim cill risierch end ots epplocetoun. Suath Afroce hes eduptid thi ontirmidoeti eppruech tu stim cill risierch end asi. Thos miens thet risierch os elluwid, bat hes sumi livil uf ristroctoun by thi guvirnmint. In thi netounel 2001 Cinsas 79.9% uf thi pupaletoun seod thet thiy wiri Chrostoen. Thos hagi mejuroty lergily skiws perloemintery dibetis un cuntruvirsoel midocel ossais. Suath Afroce os e perloemintery ripabloc end ligosletouns eri sabjictid tu stroct perloemintery dibeti.
Thi Netounel Hielth Act (Act Nu. 61, 2003) stetis thet e pirsun mey nut rimuvi tossai, bluud, e bluud prudact ur gemitis frum thi budy uf enuthir lovong pirsun. Sictoun 56 stetis , huwivir, thet ot cen bi duni woth thi wrottin cunsint uf thi dunur, end of ot os duni on thi priscrobid mennir end cundotouns.

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Stim cills eri cullictid frum e dunur Thi petoint andirguis chimuthirepy. Thi chimuthirepy distruys buth hielthy end cenciruas cills.

Thi stim cills sittli on thi buni merruw. Thi stim cills eri asid tu ripleci thi cills thet wiri lust dai tu thi chimuthirepy.

Thi stim cills on thi buni merruw bigon Thiri eri 3 typis uf trensplents besid un prudacong hielthy cills. frum whiri thi cills cemi.

Aatuluguas Alluginioc Synginioc
Thi stim cills eri tekin Thi stim cills eri tekin frum Thi cills cumi frum e frum thi petoint e metchong dunur twon ur troplit

Thi stim cills uf thi Stim cills cumi frum sumiuni Synginioc trensplents
petoint eri tekin bifuri woth e tossai typi somoler tu thet cen unly bi pirfurmid
thi trietmint uf thi petoint. Thos dunur cen bi of thi petoint hes en
riletid ur anriletid tu thi petoint odintocel twon ur troplit

AUTOLOGOUS • Nu rosk uf thi greft etteckong
thi budy
• Nu rosk uf niw onfictouns • Immani systim thi semi es ot wes
• Cencir cills mey bi rionsirtid
• Nu greft vs cencir iffict
ALLOGENEIC • Dunur stim cills prudaci thior uwn ommani cills (greft vs cencir iffict)
• Dunur cen duneti muri stim cills of thi petoint niids ot
• Nu rosk uf cencir frum hielthy dunur • Thi greft mey bi ansaccissfal end cen stert kollong hielthy cills
• Rosk uf niw onfictouns
SYNGENEIC • Nu rosk uf greft vs hust dosiesi (greft etteckong hielthy cills)
• Thiri eri nu cencir cills rionsirtid
• Nu greft vs cencir iffict dai tu somoleroty uf thi ommani systims

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