Essay about Stem Cell Research: The Endless Debate

Essay about Stem Cell Research: The Endless Debate

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The topic of stem cell research has long been debated over, and yet no consensus has been reached, since different views, and mixed feelings persist in the minds of people. Personally, I stand by the people who are in favor for the research. I believe that, stem cell research has many more pros than cons. There is tremendous potential in this research in finding treatments for diseases that are currently thought to be incurable. Therefore, the research should continue to be funded for, and should be encouraged further.
Stem cell research is the study of stem cells, which are cells that divide indefinitely, without being altered, and that can differentiate into any of the cells of the body, such as liver cells, skin cells, and muscle cells, to fulfill specific roles. Paul Knoepfler defined stem cells in his book, Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide, as “A true stem cell has both potency and self-renewal” (Knoepfler 3). There are many parts in the human body where stem cells can be derived from and these include, bone marrow, fat cells, olfactory nerve endings, skin cells, and the other, more commonly-known, places such as adult blood, umbilical cord blood, and human embryo. These cells can be obtained, saved, and used for later as well. There have been great controversies regarding where stem cells are derived from; while some places are considered fine, others are considered highly immoral and inhumane.
Stem cell research has been used for the in depth study of the human genome. Since the stem cells are undifferentiated cells, it is still possible to consider them individually and independently, without having them be limited in function to a specific body cell. This allows researchers to cultivate these cells and engineer them wi...

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