Stem Cell Research Should Be Allowed For The Potential Of The Recovery Of Organs

Stem Cell Research Should Be Allowed For The Potential Of The Recovery Of Organs

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At age six, Paizley Carwell-Bowen had a stroke and was diagnosed with sickle –cell anemia, a disease when red blood cells from an irregular sickle shape which makes it difficult for certain parts of her body to gain oxygen. Now she is as happy go lucky as every other girl thanks to the donation of blood stem cells created by stem cell researchers (Lenzer 30-36). Stem cells are known to have the ability to renew them through a form of cell division and to specialize in a diverse range of cells. Researchers believe that they can harness these cells for the benefit of medical science where they could help the ill with an incurable disease. It is quite a favorable topic for some people, but others view it as a disgraceful way of committing brutal acts against nature with little to no understanding of the benefits. Stem cell research should be allowed for the potential of the recovery of organs, the transformation of any cellular form, and the cure of the many unsolvable diseases that plague this world.
Some researchers have discovered possible ways to use stem cells as a way to repair or recreate organs for those in need of one. This beneficial discover is groundbreaking and life changing throughout the world. Tissue engineers have already created designs for substitute organs such as kidneys and lungs thanks to funds from the U.S. Army in hopes of faster ways to cure severely wounded soldiers (Lenzer 30-36). Most people are aware of the serious risks of war and how it can physically, mentally and emotionally affect a person. If the researchers can help those scarred men, then they would be able to release a burden from those victims that they would never have to endure again hopefully. Now to think of a person given a new body funct...

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... become a hit list for the serious illness taken over by fatigued patients. The power of the stem cells will guide doctors to the path of victory against the war against unknown diseases.
Stem cell research has wonderful opportunities of leading people to a healthier life. With these opportunities, we can recover damaged organs and discover new cells out of the millions to pick out that could put an end to cancer or sickle cell anemia. There are people out there, suffering from known or unknown causes that do not deserve such burdens. Stem cell research can someday stop all that from happening again and still spare the shortened and withered time those victims have. If people donate, hold a rally, express their ideas or even step into the same field as those researchers are standing in, searching for an answer, then the world will finally be cured from its disease.

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