Essay about Stem Cell Research Policy

Essay about Stem Cell Research Policy

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Stem cell research is an ever-evolving area of modern policy. Many bills have been proposed and some have been passed in this area. Stem cells are pluripotent, meaning they can be converted into other. These cells have the potential to treat and cure many illnesses for which this is not yet an option. Most of the controversy over stem cell research involves moral opposition. 1998 marked the first removal of a human embryonic stem cell. Until recently these cells could only be obtained through human embryos. This dovetails with the controversy over abortion ("The Stem Cell Debate"). Most pro-life supporters do not support stem cell research, however with new medical strides being taken, there is more public support for the policy than there had been previously. Although it was not always flourishing, stem cell research is currently advancing through bipartisanship, interest groups, and presidential leadership.
Prior to 2009 the policy’s strength was limited due to presidential leadership and bureaucratic cooperation, as well as divided government. The policy continued its success, however, at a much slower rate than it is currently succeeding. In 2001, president George W. Bush announced that “the federal funding of any research using stem cell lines derived after August 9, 2001” were to be prohibited ("Timeline of Major Events"). This federal policy only applied to government organizations, not private or state organizations. However, because most of the funding for stem cell research was through federal grants and NIH, this was a major setback. In 2005, the democratic congress passed the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005, which was intended to require that the Secretary of Health and Human Services conduct...

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