Stem Cell Research is a Vital Necessity for Medical Advances in America Essay

Stem Cell Research is a Vital Necessity for Medical Advances in America Essay

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According to Christopher Reeve, the actor who played Superman and tragically became paralyzed, said, “The greatest good for the greatest number of people means allowing embryonic stem cell research, which has the potential to help 150 million Americans who suffer from serious or incurable diseases or disabilities” (Roleff 63). It is incredible how some of the smallest items like stem cells can have such a drastic impact on the world. Two types of these tiny cells are adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. These stem cells are important and have unique opportunities. However, there are ethical issues with researching stem cells. Nevertheless, it is still important for stem cells to be researched. Because stem cell research is a vital necessity for medical advances and for the possible cures of numerous diseases, it should continue to be protected under U.S. law.
Stem cells do not have a definite job and can become almost any type of cell in the body (Genetic Science Learning Center). The two types of stem cells are adult and embryonic. Adult stem cells are called Multipotent, which are cells limited on the many types of cells it could become (Roleff 17). Embryonic stem cells are pluripotent, which are cells that can be developed into any type of cell (17).
Stem cells can be collected from various areas in the body. Areas like bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, placenta, brain, liver, and skin are where the adult stem cells are collected (7). Adult stem cells are used in clinical trials and have already successfully treated the ill (62). According to Tamara L. Roleff, “[Many] patients with over seventy types of diseases and injuries have benefited from the treatment using adult stem cells” (74).
Then again, embry...

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...etuses, that if not researched would be thrown away, does not cause chagrin to human life. It may even dignify life by helping to save many lives (Wertz).
In the end, “There is no reason to object to research conducted on a being that has no brain, consciousness, preferences of any kind, or capacity for suffering” (Singer). Several of the stem cell treatments have already successfully cured a few of the deadly diseases. Although, with more research there is a greater chance to change the numerous lives that are besieged with incurable diseases. Because stem cell research is so vital for medical advances and for possible cures of various diseases, it should continue to be protected under the Executive Order law. Besides, the lives of millions with these fatal diseases and injuries depend on stem cell research for the chance of having a longer fulfilled life.

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