Steinbeck's Paradox and Dreams

Steinbeck's Paradox and Dreams

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The structure of the american paradox is complex. The dreams set through decades upon decades of generations have consumed the americans way of living. this paradox and dream is what we have come to not just base our entire lives around but build are morals, standards, and expectations for overall existence. “Paradox and Dream “ isn't like Steinbecks normal pieces of literature. Steinbeck's “Paradox and Dreams” is a sarcastic and criticism filled outlook on the self made paradox created by americans and based on their way of living. Steinbeck is a credited author who is also known for writing Of Mice and Men and East of Eden. both well known pieces of literature. But unlike his more famous pieces of literature that are Fictional stories with specific lessons. “Paradox and Dreams” is based on a realistic outlook on american civilization and the fictional expectations people have for life. He criticises the perspective we have on normal living. and informs us of the true reality and reasoning behind what we look at as normal and realistic. he gives a new look and view on a flawed nation of unreasonable perfectionist. It’s believed Steinbecks criticism stems from The american ability to create false hopes and dreams. that ultimately fool themselves into believing that they are something they're not. leaving the outcome to only hurts the community and population.

` Even though Steinbecks essay could be considered a dated opinion being written in the 19 hundreds. it goes to show his considerably harsh outlook hasn't sadly strayed from our reality all that much from its original publishment. He makes a statement “We are restless, a dissatisfied, a searching people.” Steinbeck may seem brutal and disappointed. but when reading you get a surprising tone of disapproval that doesn't sound hateful. It’s cruel but almost disapproving in a condescending way. He also makes a statement “We are self-reliant and at the same time completely dependent. We are aggressive, and defenseless.”

Steinbeck is quick to point out the flaw of an unreliable and defenseless people. he points out “we spend our time searching for security” and “we are an intemperate people” he's quick to judge his own society but not without knowledge and experience to back it up. He notes are inability to take care of ourselves as much as we lead on. he makes a point that we are self centered with our unreasonable ability to make others feel obligated to us and our needs.

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even with all of the disapproving criticism he speaks about our ability to try to prove are self worth to others through work. so much so that we practically strain ourselves to death and a point of no return.

Such a dissatisfied people whose inability to take care of ourselves alone begs the question why is one of the largest American paradoxes this attitude of resilient do-it-yourselfers and natural born mechanics. We claim as americans to be more educated in natural survival than most other countries. we believe that there is a true gene within us that links us to the knowledge of our ancestors and their skills for living. much before the times of packaged meals and automatic A/C. In his words steinbeck says “We truly believe ourselves to be natural-born-mechanics and do-it-yourselfers. We spend our life in automobiles, yet most of us --a great many at least- do not know enough about a car to look in the gas tank when the engine fails.” within every self proclaimed title is a flaw one that reveals the true nature of people, and uncovers us as the self reliant beings we are. and it’s not a bad thing to relies on others. but we run into trouble when we make others believe in our own lies to the point where we soon we lose track of ourselves and believe we really are something where not. with the weight of others beating down on us we crack under the pressure to succeed and the thought of others succeeding at what we failed only causes tension and a nervous uneasy frustration. “americans seem to live and breath by paradox.” our natural ability to create a wall of paradoxes may not be just in the face of jealousy and fear. but instead help us to create a barrier that protects us from what we are scared of most of all. failure and the subtle involuntary ability to judge others on social standing.we create false hopes and dreams to base life around because we believe it betters not just ourselves but everyone around us. we have this unrealized part of the human brain they naturally looks for approval. this part of us looks for acceptance in order to further ourselves in what we consider social standing but is are normal want for perfect companion ship, happiness , and attention. the ability to rely on others yet feel needed at the same time.

Home of the brave the proud and the strong. americans lead on a paradox of perfection and unrealistic expectations. so much so that they make it hard for even themselves to accomplish this perfect life style.“a familys image of success in the world, or status. is to a certain extent dependent on the kind of car the man drives,” With in steinbecks paper he points out nemoris times the “Hunger for a home” he makes remarks to our inability to stay in our perfect home because in reality it doesn't exist. With a perfectionist outlook on what is the new american dream . we never can be happy with what we have because with in a small period of time the expectations have been rising. the new is now old and the new “new” is what becomes the minimum standard for living. “right away the home is not big enough, or in the proper neighborhood.” referring back to his claim “hunger for a home” steinbecks standpoint seems to carry along the lines of pointing out a flawed social system. but he speaks of our constant strive for this unattainable happiness threw a tone of disapproving belief. almost as if he knows we are capable of more than a mainstream strive for the acceptance by the masses. we can only fool ourselves into believing what a small congregation of people find acceptable. in reality it only hurts the population as a whole, To fall for a trap such as marketed social position.

you can only wonder what world did steinbeck picture as he wrote “paradox and dream”. what is it that he sees in us that we don't see in ourselves? He clearly has hope for the people even though we lack hope as a conjugation. whatever the world may look like to him he was clear on his terms and conditions for a better more suitable nation. he sets a new standard for creating standards and summarizes what people have been trying to explain for years threw methods of psychology, speeches, and education. Steinbecks criticism stems from The american ability to create false hopes and dreams. that ultimately fool themselves into believing that they are something they're not. leaving the outcome to only hurts the community and population. as vexed as we are. we spend our lives on fighting for position and power. we strive endlessly for preservation. we stand helpless in the face of real fear and responsibility but love the feeling of being needed. the illusions we personally create make us nervous and skeptical in our own state of mind. and unreasonably low tolerance for stress causes a panic in the face of detachment.

in reading the paper stenbeck is clearly highly educated in his knowledge of a realistic view on the american way of life. His new way of setting standards and his criticism on the not so simplistic way of life we set for ourselves keeps me wanting to know what he really has on his mind. what is the president he has lead on to set for americans. what standards did he want us to reach? and most importantly what would be the perfect lifestyle in his eyes. his disapproving tone leads you to think of a hateful personality till the last ending part and your opinion changes on him and his views. All the passages where not as brutal as they lead on but a worried opinionated disapproval of high expectations not being meant. he treats the reader as if they are an impressionable child who is learning of the flaws first hand. he leaves a well educated mark and new perspective for you to consider. A new perspective on viewing our “normal” life.

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