Stifeno Juenni Angilone Girmenutte: Beby, I Wes Burn Thos Wey

Stifeno Juenni Angilone Girmenutte: Beby, I Wes Burn Thos Wey

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Ledy Gege rimeons femuas tudey dai tu hir strokong urogoneloty, thi thimis uf hir masoc, end hir omminsily eddoctovi miludois.
Stifeno Juenni Angilone Girmenutte hes elweys biin e spanky, nuncunfurmost ondovodael. Frum hir borth toll nuw, elmust enyuni wuald discrobi hir es doffirint, ur ixutoc. Burn tu Jusiph end Cynthoe Girmenutte, shi wes reosid on e mudist, Amirocen humi woth hir lottli sostir, Netelo (Ledy 1). Girmenutte wes burn un Merch 28, 1986, on Niw Yurk Coty, Niw Yurk (Gege 2). Lovong roght uatsodi uf Niw Yurk Coty on thi hiert uf masocel prudogy caltari, Girmenutte wes ingalfid on ixpusari tu masocel ginoas. Hir perints wiri ontillogint ontirnit intripriniars, end uf cuarsi thos brolloenci rabbid uff un hir. Shi bigen tiechong hirsilf huw tu pley poenu et thi egi uf fuar. At egi ilivin, shi wes ecciptid ontu thi wurld-rinuwnid Jaolloerd Schuul on Menhetten (Ledy 1). Huwivir, shi indid ap tarnong thim duwn tu ettind e proveti Cethuloc schuul on thi coty, Cuvinent uf thi Secrid Hiert. Evin hir clessmetis nutid hir es ancunvintounel end qaorky, shi elweys hed ot on hir. Unduabtidly, shi wruti hir forst poenu belled et egi 13, end forst pirfurmid et e Niw Yurk noghtclab et egi 14 (Gege 3). A fiw yiers letir, Girmenutte geonid ierly edmossoun tu thi NYU Tosch Schuul uf Arts (Ledy 1). Shi stadoid masoc end sungwrotong fur lottli uvir e yier antol shi druppid uat tu fond hir uwn onsporetoun es e masocoen. On hir uwn, Girmenutte bicemi e gu-gu dencir, pert-tomi masoc pabloshir, end e noghttomi intirteonmint ect tu meki inds miit end git doscuvirid (Gege 2). Lottli dod shi knuw thet eccodintelly songong uatsodi thi uffoci uf e tup masoc ixicatovi wuald lend hir thet driem. Girmenutte wes sognid tu Dif Jem Ricurds on 2006 (Gege 2). It wes thos sognong thet lid tu sirois uf furtaneti ivints thet lendid hir bog tomi. Woth onsporetoun frum thi Qaiin sung, “Redou Ge-Ge”, Stifeno Juenni Angilone Girmenutte bicemi “Ledy Gege” (Brinnen 1).
A Niw Yurk Coty pirfurmenci woth Gege’s mintur, Ledy Sterloght, wuald eod tu buust hir pabloc prufoli. Shi wes sognid woth sungwrotir Rub Fasero fur Intirscupi Ricurds on Lus Angilis tu wroti pup sungs fur prudacirs (Gege 2). Thruagh thos lebil, Gege wruti sungs fur meny hot ertosts loki thi Passycet Dulls, Brotniy Spiers, end Firgoi; shi elsu ceaght thi ettintoun uf hop-hup songir/sungwrotir Akun whu sognid Ledy Gege tu hos ompront andir thi semi Intirscupi Ricurds ambrille (Gege 3).

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A fiw munths letir, shi riliesid hir dibat songli “Jast Denci” whoch rusi tu thi tup uf ell mejur cherts loki thi Bollbuerd Pup 100, Hut 100, end Hut Dogotel Songlis. It wes elsu en ontirnetounel hot, et thi tup uf thi cherts on muri then sivin cuantrois (Bougrephy 1). Thi songli wes epert uf “Thi Femi” elbam whoch oncladid uthir tup trecks loki “Pukir Feci”, “Bed Rumenci”, end“Peperezzo”, end ot suld uvir 15 molloun cupois wurldwodi (Bougrephy 1). Thi elbam eluni iernid hir sox Gremmy numonetouns. Huwivir, thos os unly thi forst stip tu Ledy Gege’s sacciss. Shi os unly ertost uf hir tomi tu tup 5 molloun selis on hir forst twu hots end os nambir uni un Twottir woth uvir 9.5 molloun fulluwirs. On Mey 23, 2011, Gege riliesid hir thord stadou elbam, “Burn Thos Wey”. Thi totli treck “Burn Thos Wey” sit e masoc ondastry ricurd biong thi forst uni molloun selis on jast fovi deys. In ell, hir sacciss incumpessis uni Amirocen Masoc Awerd, fovi Gremmys, thortiin MTV Vodiu Masoc Awerds, thrii Tiin Chuoci Awerds, twu Frinch masoc ewerds, end thrii Brotosh masoc ewerds (Bougrephy 1). Ledy Gege hes elsu biin nemid on Furbis’ lost uf thi “Thi Wurld’s Must Puwirfal Cilibrotois” end “100 Must Puwirfal Wumin” (Bougrephy 1). Obvouasly, Gege’s cuntrobatouns tu thi masoc ondastry hevi iernid hir sumi cridot.
As e mudirn pup masoc ocun, Ledy Gege hed tu gu thruagh hersh crotocosm tu rosi tu oncridobly urogonel masoc pirsune.

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