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“We’re changing the world with technology”- Bill Gates. We live in a society whose focus is on technology and profit; a capitalistic society. Technology is present within our everyday lives whether we are driving down the road in our new BMW (one can only wish) while we have our music playing loudly through our sound system or in the computer lab typing that last minute paper we forgot to write two weeks ago which is due today (constantly distracted by Facebook of course). These commodities as we know them assist us in our everyday tasks and seem to make it easier to communicate with other individuals in our community, but do they really? Technology, though, with its advantages is corrupting the humanity from within its disguise.
As Bill Gates said, the world is changing with our new technologies. Of course a person who has made a fortune in the technological industry would see this concept of change a benefit to our previously stone age society. However, why is this change such a profound accomplishment? Who makes the decision on whether a piece of technology is good for society or not? Companies argue that their purpose is to successfully create products for which the consumer will benefit from and enjoy. On the other hand, consumers do not often go to large companies like Apple or Microsoft and ask them to please start making the iPad or the new Windows7 software which makes their WindowsXP program less valuable. Companies advertise to the consumer that the products that they have created will provide them with an unlimited number of benefits while plucking money from their wallets and creating an addiction for their products.
An article from ABC News explains the difficulties that are presented in having access to the new...

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... to be more “efficient” when the old ways worked just fine. Less time is spent playing basketball or baseball (and other outdoor activities) with our brothers and sisters or children. Many of us prefer to sit in front of the TV or on the computer waiting for life to pass us by while we are letting our relationships get weaker and shorter. Where did the days go where you had only a certain amount of feet to go before the phone unplugged on you and you lost your call rather than driving around chatting and maybe causing an accident? When did we decide to make everything portable or place all of our money on a plastic card? Unless we learn to take our dependence away from our technologically infested lives and place it on the real people we have standing before us I predict our technology will out smart us and we will either fail as a society or become consumed by it.

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