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What is the first thing we do when we get on our smart phone? Check Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is amazing how society stays connected today. With the technology we have, social networking has reached new heights in popularity and usefulness. The applications to social media are endless; from sharing pictures, songs, microblogging, and online dating, there is something in it for everyone. With the endless possibilities of social media, people can use it as a wonderful thing or abuse it to become a bad thing. With great power comes great responsibility, and social media is no exception to the rule.
Social media can have a negative impact on society for several reasons. One of the first and main issues is privacy. People put so much information on the internet that they would never tell a stranger. People put questionable pictures on Facebook that are later regretted when viewed by an employer or boss. On Facebook people fill out biographies of themselves from date of birth all the way to where they live. They might as well put their social security number on there for anyone to see. The number of identity thieves has risen drastically over the past decade. With internet stalkers looking up and knowing everything about their victims, it is easier than ever to steel someone’s identity. Another problem with putting information on the internet is that companies take this information and sell it for advertising purposes. From a sales person’s view, this is the perfect opportunity to save money. Marketing teams have been trying to figure out how to specifically target each potential customer as cheaply as possible. Today they have figured out the key to this: social media. Have you ever wondered how the advertisement that pops...

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...ocial media has redefined the way we live, for better or worse. It has the potential to be one of the greatest inventions in history. But until citizens become responsible as a whole, we cannot handle this power quite yet. Overall social media does more harm than good today, but with future corrections and revisions this could change for the good of mankind.

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