The Statutory Inclusion Statement Incorporated Into The National Curriculum ( Nc )

The Statutory Inclusion Statement Incorporated Into The National Curriculum ( Nc )

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The 1999 Statutory Inclusion Statement incorporated into the National Curriculum (NC), encourages teachers to develop effective mainstream education in the classroom. The impact of such developments on inclusive practice has encouraged the 2001 Special Education Needs and Disability Act (SEND) to embed the statutory rights and duties into schools and all Early Years settings. It also concentrates on SEN learners being educated in mainstream schools, including and informing parents of the measures put in place for their child. This enabled schools to request assessments for learners who they suspected had SEN (Special Educational Needs, 2001). For teachers this should have been a positive attribute because most children with SEN would have Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) now replaced by Education Health and Care plans (EHC). Possibly the most serious disadvantages of this form of assessment are, SEN children are diagnosed at different stages resulting in no other support in the classroom, some children might not be diagnosed at all and parents requests can be declined. This emphasises the demand of greater cooperation and communication between all agencies. With further regards to the Warnock update (2005) issues arose about the New Commission, examining inclusion and the process employed to give children a statement which makes clear they were not as effective as hoped.

Moving on, the “vision for children with SEN and disabilities is the same as for all children and young people - that they achieve well in their early years, at school and in college, and lead happy and fulfilled lives” (DfE, 2014). Nevertheless, this has not escaped criticism from teachers because there is “less agreement about whether this principle can be...

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...ssessments for individuals and groups of children can be taken; teachers can set achievable targets and use a graduated approach. The graduated approach identifies four steps of action - assess, plan, do and review (DfE, 2014). Most importantly, the DfE (2014) agrees that “all agencies should work together to fulfil the needs of SEN learners working together with teachers, parents and schools and any other local authority involved”. One question that needs to be asked, however, is whether or not the “quality of the teacher contributes more to learner achievement than any other factor, including class size, class composition, or background” (Sanders and Horn, 1998). Lastly, because teachers spend time planning and teaching children, their role could be the most crucial component of inclusive practice, contributing to high progression made by a diverse range of pupils.

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