Statistical Significance And Validity Of Research Essay

Statistical Significance And Validity Of Research Essay

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Statistical significance seeking (i.e., p-hacking) is a serious problem for the validity of research, especially if it occurs frequently. Head et al. provided evidence for widespread p-hacking throughout the sciences, which would indicate that the validity of science is in doubt. Previous substantive concerns about their selection of p-values indicated they were too liberal in selecting all reported p-values, which would result in including results that would not be interesting to have been p-hacked. Despite this liberal selection of p-values Head et al. found evidence for p-hacking, which raises the question why p-hacking was detected despite it being unlikely a priori. In this paper I reanalyze the original data and indicate Head et al. their results are an artefact of rounding in the reporting of p-values.

Megan Head and colleagues (Head 2015) provide a large collection of p-values that, from their perspective, indicates widespread statistical significance seeking (i.e., p-hacking) throughout the sciences. Concerns have been raised about their selection of p-values, which was deemed too liberal and unlikely to find p-hacking to begin with (Simonsohn 2015), which raises the question why evidence for p-hacking was found by Head et al. nonetheless. The analyses that form the basis of their conclusions operate on the tenet that p-hacked papers show p-value distributions that are left skew below .05 (Simonsohn 2014). In this paper I evaluate their selection choices and analytic strategy in the original paper and suggest that Head et al. found widespread p-hacking as an artefact of rounding. Analysis files for this paper are available at

The p-value distribution of a set of heterogeneous results, as collected...

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...lyses are included in a publication arising from a single study. p-hacking has also been known about for many years; it was described, though not given that name, in 1956 (De Groot, 2014). The term p-hacking was introduced by Simonsohn, Nelson & Simmons (2014) to describe the practice of reporting only that part of a dataset that yields significant results, making the decision about which part to publish after scrutinising the data. There are various ways in which this can be done: e.g., deciding which outliers to exclude, when to stop collecting data, or whether to include covariates. Our focus here is on what we term ghost variables: dependent variables that are included in a study but then become invisible in the published paper after it is found that they do not show significant effects.acking and evidential value. PeerJ 4:e1715

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