Statistical Analysis Of Cronbach 's Alpha For The Measurement Of Job Satisfaction

Statistical Analysis Of Cronbach 's Alpha For The Measurement Of Job Satisfaction

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Results and Findings
Statistical analysis. Cronbach’s alpha for the measurement of job stress using CSS was 0.94 and 0.92 for the measurement of job satisfaction using WENSS. Descriptive statistics was utilized to analyze demographic data such the age of participants and levels of job stress and job satisfaction. Additional variables were also included and can be seen in the research article Table 1 (Cheng et al., 2014, p. 4). The mean (M) age of the participant in this study was 23.19 with a standard deviation (SD) of +/- 3.17; the M for job stress during the third month of the survey was 94.20 with a SD of +/- 30.27. On the other hand, M for job satisfaction during the same third month of the survey was 61.58 with a SD of +/- 6.56. Probability was not applied.
Interpretation of findings. The researchers’ interpretation of the findings suggests that level of stress among new graduate nurses does not decline over time however, job satisfaction increases. Less stress was found to be experienced by nurses working 12-hour shifts than eight-hour shifts, allowing the nurse more time to practice the skills and get to know their colleagues. Addtionally, low confidence in clinical abilities was seen to inflict higher levels of stress. On the other hand, higher skill confidence showed improved job satisfaction. Moreover, working in the medical-surgical unit was more fulfilling than in specialized units such as an intese care unit (ICU). Finally, 23% to 28% of newly graduated nurses had a plan to leave their current unit or hospital within the first year of employment. Teaching hospitals were not found to improve job satisfaction among new graduate nurses within the first year of employement.
Limitations of the study. Researchers utilized p...

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... of the questionnaires. The data analysis was not fully discussed in the results sections of the research, but rather explanation of those findings were offered. Although the findings from the study cannot be used for generalization to a wider population it does however provoke conversation about how the experience of new nurses can be improved. Additionally, it offers a direction for further studies.
Nurses play a vital role in the day-to-day operations and treatment of patients in the hospital. Thus, in order to improve their satisfaction, decrease their stress levels, and retain them it is important to acknowledge their needs, provide adequate support and offer encouragement for further education. Doing so not only improves the job satisfaction but also enhances patient outcomes, increased patient safety, and promote optimal treatment of the patient by the nurse.

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