The Statement Of Science Teaching Essay

The Statement Of Science Teaching Essay

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Statement of Science Teaching
In the beginning of class I thought the best way to teach students science would be to hold experiment in the classroom that would be hands on and intriguing for them. Now I believe that there are different strategies that you can teach science to students. One way you can teach science to students is by holding science night which students come with their parents and due different scientific experiments. I believe this is a great idea, students love doing activities with their parents and it’s a great way for students to learn. Another way that you can teach science to students is through fun science books. I like the fact that even though the principal of the school that you’re working for can band science in the curriculum we as teachers still have a way to teach our students science and that can be through books which would be considered English. Or we can teach students about science through field trips and visiting different places like an actual scientist laboratory or the zoo. A guest scientist can come and speak to the students and tell them what she does. This would be beneficial for the girls to see that they can become scientist as well and it’s not a male profession because in one of the articles that I read for class it mentioned that girls were feed with the idea that becoming a scientist was a male profession by their parents telling them and by their teachers reinsuring this ideas by calling on the boys more when they were doing science and by praising them more than girls during science.
Experiences in our classroom that brought new meaning to how I see myself as a science teacher were definitely doing all the fun experiments that we did in class with our students in Girard college. ...

... middle of paper ...

...en we did the penguin experiment just like real scientist do. It’s easier and more affordable to test your ideas on models than it is using the real organism and supplies. Since the model is usually a miniature version of the actual thing the supplies are smaller and cost less.
I most certainly remember the first activity we did as a class. However in the beginning I viewed science as experimenting data bases and facts but science is so much more than that. Science is everywhere around us. Trees, animals, and technology are examples of science. Since now I have a different concept of science my check will look very different then what it originally looked like. My attitude towards science has changed because due to this class I am more knowledgeable of how science is related to our everyday life and why it is crucial for our students to get educated about science.

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