Statement of Purpose to Attend University of Pennsylvania Essay

Statement of Purpose to Attend University of Pennsylvania Essay

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I love changes and challenges because they stimulate me to advance and evolve. As an immigrant, I enjoy discovering new things and have overcome many problems. As the first generation college student, I take honor courses, maximize my workload, and participate in academic competitions. I firmly believe that it is vital for individuals to be able to adapt new enviornment and overcome challenges. I look forward to transferring to a four-year university toenjor a more academically competitive enviornment and participate in scientific research projects.

As a new immigrant and a community college student, I enjoy change and challenges. I wish to transfer to a four-year research university to encounter a more challenging and diverse academic enviornment. I believe College of Art and Science at University of Pennsylvania will be a great fit for me because of its academic rigor and challenges, well-rounded and premier Ivy League education, and vast research opportunities. Actually, Benjamin Franklin is my hero. I sincerely admire his versatility. His contributions on electricity is impressive. Moreover, his bravery in his kite experiment always motivates me to concentrate on my research, never deterred by the potential danger. I wish to consumate my personality at Upenn and the learn Benjamin Franklin’s spirit and philosophy.

Academically, I really want to attend an institution than I can personalize my education. CAS at Uppen resonates with my educational goal. The College Curriculum perfectly aligns with my educational goal for higher eudcation. I can flexibly personize my class schedule and learn accoss disciplines. I can learn a wide range of art and science knowledge and broaden my horizon. While discovering the fundamental prinici...

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...rodden and get insight and valuable feedback. This will help me understand how to conduct theoretical research and the problems confusing physicists today. In addition, Penn has active seminar programs in Experimental Particle Physics and Theoretical Particle Physics. I can take advantage of this to understand the lastest breakthrough of their research on elementary particles and exchange my ideas with them. Most importantly, from the video, I know that I have the opportunity to explain my research projects to visitors in the undergraduate research fair to let them recognize the beuaty and wonder of the microsopic world.
Therefore, Penn’s educational philosophy perfectly align with my goal. Penn will be the best place for me to pursue my undergrad education, to stimulate my protential, consumate my personality, prepare me to graduate studies, and excel in my career.

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