Statement of Purpose for Supply Chain Management Essay

Statement of Purpose for Supply Chain Management Essay

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I wish to hone my research acumen by pursuing MS in Supply Chain Management at the ___________ University. My passion for this research comes from two sources- intellectual curiosity and my experience.
My first interest in Supply Chain Management resulted from my experience. Ever since I was young, I wanted to understand not just the ‘how’ of Mechanical engineering problems, but also why machines worked at the fundamental level. In particular, I was interested in learning the application of experimental techniques and principles governing Physics to solve problems. Therefore, I found the pursuit of B.E. in Mechanical Engineering almost a necessity, given my need to satiate my curiosity to gain deeper knowledge of that area.
My second interest in Supply Chain Management arose from my assessment that it is a ‘rational’ specialty. I understood that its simplistic applications could find solutions for essential needs of humanity. I realized that Mechanical Engineering has an enormous reach from automobiles and manufacturing to medical equipment and nanotechnology. I studied an extremely stimulating curriculum diligently focusing on Basic Mechanical Engineering and Operations research which gave me a holistic overview of the engineering field. Hence, my penchant for the range and extent of science with Mechanical engineering as the cynosure grew.
Fortunately, during under-graduation, I got an opportunity to detect the optimum path of a process through my project “Design and Development of PCB Dual Head Drilling Machine”. Additionally, I became aware of a new subject called Six Sigma which aided me in intertwining new optimization techniques into my project to make the process effective. I optimized the creation...

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...or them.
My job at TCS has exposed to the various nuances of Supply Chain Management and therefore, I feel I can add value to my profession through a pursuit of this course.
My experience and erudition is my strength which I wish to embolden and use to my advantage. in the concentartions “Transportation and Logistics” and “Inventory Management”, are a combination of inventory ,logistics and management concepts, wherein I seek expertise. For that, I look forward to learning from the acclaimed faculty at your university, prof ______________ and _______. I am excited that their research interests perfectly match my own.

With an enthusiasm for learning, a research-oriented mindset and a positive outlook, I feel I will do justice to the graduate program at the _________ University and thereby come up to the high expectations that your University demands.

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