Essay about Statement of Purpose for Social Work

Essay about Statement of Purpose for Social Work

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Social work was not a profession that I had considered prior to this year, but, after I researched it, I quickly learned that it was the perfect fit for me. I feel that this is exactly where the Lord wants me to be and I know that this is the right path for my life. It is a cliché to say that the reason I want to be a social worker is because I want to help people, but there is truth to that. However, there is much more to it than just helping people. I want to make life easier for people by connecting them with appropriate resources, educational opportunities, and/or support. I want to be able to use the skills I have to better the lives of others, ease their burdens, and allow them to live a better life.
I love to help people. I enjoy solving problems and I find a great sense of compassion resides in me for those that are struggling. I believe that if a person wants help, that there is help out there, but there has to be a person that is able to facilitate the transfer of knowledge regarding that assistance and that bridge is a role that I look forward to fulfilling. In t...

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