Statement of Purpose for MS Program at MIT Essay

Statement of Purpose for MS Program at MIT Essay

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“Education is a tool that puts one a fast to acquire knowledge and personality that sets one apart from the crowd. It is one bottom less hole; no matter how much one pours himself into it, he thirsts for more.”

I have been dedicated towards my studies right from childhood. I completed my school and my pre-university education, Physics and Mathematics being my majors with flying colors in the Intermediate Examination (10+2 pattern) XII, 2003 from a reputed college. I got the opportunity to pursue my goal by getting into an esteemed institute Sri Vasavi Engineering College, which is affiliated to JNTU, Andhra Pradesh. Outstanding academic performance in my school and college, active participation in academic as well as extra curricular activities have helped to develop strong quantitative and analytical abilities and good leadership and communication skills which made me acquire a job, directly through campus selections.

Full time employment since June 2007 as IT professional with Wipro Technologies (Wipro is the first CMM Level 5 Company listed on NASDAQ exchange.), a premier & one of the top 5 IT Firms in India has been a rewarding experience. I used to take up initiation of managing the team at my company when my project leader had some health issues and in his absence. I look up at completing the tasks of the day, tracking everyone work, consolidating the reports, reporting the status to the client in meetings and taking the input for the next day. These efforts along with team have paid off as is evident from the long list of satisfied and regular clients. Their feedback to the company has resulted in development of newer models. My interpersonal and negotiation skills are nurtured by this employment. Th...

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Attaining an MS program would help to provide me with the tools that I need to realize my long term goal of someday returning to India and establish a small IT corporation of my own and prosper as a result of better organizational management. I also have the dream of networking and lobbying on behalf of India’s most poor, since defending the poor is central to my social vision of the future. Most particularly, I look forward to helping poor Indian women establish small businesses to sustain themselves. For me, social service to brotherhood that is most in need is also my primary mode of spiritual fulfillment. I am a stalwart, enthusiastic, and dedicated
young woman who looks forward with keen anticipation to giving her all to your program and making my professors proud of my achievements. I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

Harika Bandaru

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