Essay on Statement of Purpose for an Engeneering Degree

Essay on Statement of Purpose for an Engeneering Degree

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For the past few decades man is advancing into the unknown realms of technology and science. This advancement is to make life easy and to increase human comfort at home and at work. I would like to be an integral part of crew that drives the world to such betterment. For this, research would be of prime importance with hands on experience in real time applications accompanied by in-depth knowledge of the subject. Since a good research career can only be built on the firm foundation of good education, I intend to put to use my innate and acquired knowledge to do my Masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering. This would give me the leading edge in technology and will also serve to give direction to my eventual goal of a career as a research professional in the field of Embedded Systems.
It was in my schooling; I worked on a transformer and built 12volts step down transformer based on coil ratios that I studied in the physics book. On one end there is a small torch light bulb connected to output of transformer and on the input end, there is 230 volts AC power. I eagerly switched on the supply expecting the bulb to glow. But, to my dismay, all home appliances went off. Fortunately, it was the fuse at power meter that was blown. And, I didn’t get why the experiment, I built based on the theory in my book, ended in chaos.
Having joined in RGUKT, university with motto of learn by doing and concept of e-learning, I became the teacher of mine. I resumed my incomplete experiment with much increased coil turns maintaining the same ration as before. This time, it was amazing to find how the same theory on transformer led to a successful result. What I learnt in my schooling, in fact, is fundamentally same as I studied now. However, as leve...

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...ogically advanced country, U.S.A can ensure that the journey in the pursuit of knowledge will neither be deterred nor end.
I believe the choice of research is due my ambition in ``being the part of people who bring about the revolutionary changes, rather remaining as individual using these technologies.” Arizona provides me the best opportunity...................
My contribution towards the field:
In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that I possess the background, the ability and the motivation to make a significant contribution to Computer Engineering and to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. This is testified by my excellent academic record from school through my undergraduate years, where I am at number 4 of my department. My minor degree and good programming skills makes me strong competitor and well deserved to the MS programme. I look forward to joining the Department.

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