Essay on Statement of Purpose for a Cancer Biology Application

Essay on Statement of Purpose for a Cancer Biology Application

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My love and passion for Animal Medicine and Health guided my choice in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine from the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Qassim University. Having chosen a specialization in Veterinary Medicine, coupled with a higher academic performance with a GPA of 3.82/5, I will be completing my Master degree from the University of Rhode Island in Medical laboratory Science with a bias in Cytopathology in 2014.
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for my master degree, I did a research on Testicular Cancer. In particular, I have studied Seminoma, in which I have critically examined the different variants of seminomas in all of their stages of development, through a presentation of their epidemiology, etiology and risk factors. Furthermore, I have outlined the detection and diagnostic procedures, their differentials and immunohistochemistry stains, current treatment methods, alongside the new developments concerning Seminoma.
In addition to my master degree qualification, I am also a certified Cytotechnologist member of the Amer...

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