Essay about Statement of Purpose: A Career in Health Information Technology

Essay about Statement of Purpose: A Career in Health Information Technology

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I am applying for the Master of Professional Studies in Technology Management (Health Information Technology) program at Georgetown University for the summer 2014 session, keeping in mind my future objectives of doing a PhD in Health Information Technology. My desire and enthusiasm for further study and research is motivated by professional goals and intellectual curiosity. I would like to pursue a career in the development of new Health-IT systems, especially remote monitoring technologies, technology-supported translation services, c and self-management tools through mobile technologies that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of information flow in a healthcare setting. I strongly believe the intellectual environment at Georgetown University will provide me an opportunity to meet distinguished academicians, industry leaders and future entrepreneurs and collaborate on multidisciplinary and invigorating projects.

My journey
As Indian culture perceived doctors or engineers as the most successful professionals, that’s what peer pressure introduced me to and instilled in me to be a doctor. Seeing my elder brother become a doctor, I wanted to follow a different path so I channeled my energies towards becoming a dentist. With my hard work and motivation, I was able to score high in the state entrance exams and secured a position in one of the most reputed dental institution of my state. But my interest and fate had different plans.

I thoroughly enjoyed my student life by organizing social activities and participating in various sports events. Throughout my dental school, I won the "Sportsman Award" and captained my team to national level medical/dental college competitions. The game of cricket taught me how to analyze, w...

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...ation Technology) program at Georgetown University fits in both of my criteria, it is the best academic and personal setting to help me reach my goal of contributing towards the creation of knowledge and information driven healthcare.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is reshaping the health care system in the United States at an accelerating rate. In earlier times US Healthcare system was more focused on intervention of diseases, but now it is moving more towards preventive approach and I see Health IT as the most important tool that can lead this change. I strongly believe that my professional goals, range and depth of my experience and knowledge is an asset and my enthusiasm for the field makes me an ideal candidate for the Master of Professional Studies in Technology Management (Health Information Technology) program at Georgetown University.

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