Essay on Statement of Motivation as an Aerospace Engineer

Essay on Statement of Motivation as an Aerospace Engineer

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I aspire to gain academic and research experience in the area of Aerospace Engineering and I believe that the graduate program in Aerospace Engineering at Nanyang Technical University in collaboration with TU Munich offers me a good opportunity to learn and work with some of the most renowned faculty in these areas. I have developed keen interest in mechanical sciences especially in the areas of finite element methods, aerodynamics and CAD during my under graduation in Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech) at Amrita University which evolved further when I joined Infosys as a Design Engineer.
My undergraduate studies at Amrita University helped me gain overview about various areas of study in mechanical sciences and further paved way for finding my research interests. It was in my 3rd year of engineering, I visited “Laboratory of Hypersonic and Shock wave Research, IISc Bangalore”. There, I grabbed a chance to observe state of art research programs in the field of aerospace engineering and also an opportunity to check the live demonstration of shock tube functioning which are used in aerodynamic tests, replicating conditions in the turbine sections of jet engines and also in biomedical research. The results from these experiments are used in determining various materials and designs which will be suited for attenuating blast waves. It was this visit that gave a picture of complexities involved in design of an aircraft and its flight and the opportunities in front of me to explore more and perform research. Out of interest I had started learning more about different terminologies used in aerospace field and have gained insights into Mach numbers, aerodynamic profiles and flight controls. Television programs like Mega factories and aircraf...

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... before failure (LBF) mechanisms subjected to joule Thomson cooling with application to cracks in containment of compressed natural gas transport on marine vessels of Assoc Prof Ng Heong Wah, RG Structural Analysis of Sandwich Structures of Chai Gin Boay, Flight control of manned and unmanned systems by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Florian Holzapfel, Computer-assisted design optimization of modern turbo-engine components by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefan Weihard. I have also been closely related to the field of design and given a chance to work in that field, I believe that it would be more than useful for enhancing my practical knowledge. With a genuine desire to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with your college and also to make maximum use of all the opportunities bestowed upon me and shall pursue my goals, I look forward to the favorable consideration of my candidature.

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