The State Solution : Israel And Palestine Essay

The State Solution : Israel And Palestine Essay

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As Israel and Palestine struggle to compromise over the notion of a two-state solution, the possibility of a one-state solution could change long-standing opinions, and could impact the futures of both sides. The highly controversial two-state solution is possible because of Israel’s aversion to the one-state solution, the changing youth of Palestine, and the balance required to regain peace.
While the two-state solution is dreaded by Israel’s government and people, becoming a binational state with Palestine is more concerning to Israelis. Having a two-state solution would mean a loss of land and control for Israel, but a one-state solution would require the Israeli government to grant citizenship and voting rights to Palestinians. If this option was implemented, “voting rights would give Palestinians access to the Israeli Knesset, where decisions regarding their lives are really made” (Rumley and Tibon 2015, 82). With differing cultural and religious views, combining Israelis and Palestinians into one state would change the amount of power each would have over their personal lives, as well as their politics. “The country would have to deal with approximately 4.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza asking not for land of their own but for a voice and a role inside Israel itself” (Rumley and Tibon 2015, 82). This concept of no longer being a Jewish state is so unappealing and unacceptable to the Israeli government, that if Palestinians began to push for a one-nation solution, Israel could be swayed to give them their own, separate state.
In recent years, the Palestinians’ younger generations have taken a new stance on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, which involves a strong shift in thought from the older genera...

... middle of paper ... to vote on Israeli issues. Identical to the present day situation, a one-state solution would force the two opposing groups to share the same land, which has proven to be deadly. Giving each group a fair distribution of land with a border to separate them is the best option to secure the rights and safety of the Israelis and the Palestinians. Choosing between security and redefining their citizens’ existence is not an easy decision that is being placed in the hands of the Israeli government. It is also difficult for Palestinians who have little control over their lives and circumstances. Both groups want what is best for their people, for which they cannot be blamed. However, a two-state solution will give the Palestinians and the Israelis their own land and states to govern as they please, and the separation from each other to live without constant conflict.

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