Essay on The State of Welfare

Essay on The State of Welfare

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The welfare system in the United States performs a wide variety of functions to assist people who have fallen onto hard times. Welfare programs are an evolution of the British Poor Laws whose roots lie in basic charity and the human ideology that one should aid those less fortunate. Today’s welfare system , being controlled by the state and federal governments are by no means perfect, but they do provide a more stable form of assistance so that the people of the United States know that if they fall into dire times, there is a safety net. As a government, of the people, for the people and by the people, it is only right that such a program should exist. As opposed to other countries in the past, the US government exists to serve its people, not the other way around. Some of the programs in place that attempt to achieve this goal are the child welfare system, Unemployment agencies, and utilities assistance.
The child welfare system in the United States started its development when the Social Security Act of 1935 established funding in the form of federal grants to states for the purpose of developing programs that would assist orphaned children to find suitable foster homes. Prior to this, children who were lucky enough to leave the orphanage in the care of a foster family could be walking into a much worse situation as the prospective families were rarely, if at all, screened, nor were any follow-ups done to ensure that the child went to a safe and proper home. My own grandmother has been a foster parent for a multitude of children for over 40 years. Having only lived nearby since 1997, I have already seen firsthand the positive impact that the child welfare system has on the children it serves. From temporary placement...

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... true of nearly any program, government or private. Although I would like to see more oversight in the programs to which we are availed, it is easy to see that these services are not only important to those who are directly affected by them, but to the community as a whole.

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