The State Of The Outdated Electoral College

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A recent article published by The Week news, Paul Waldman declares it is time to be rid of the outdated Electoral College. Waldman claims that the current system does not give Presidential candidates incentive to campaign in any states and not just swing states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. To prove this, a tweet by President Elect Donald Trump was quoted, "If the election were based on total popular vote I would have campaigned in N.Y., Florida, and California, and won even bigger and more easily," showing where candidates prioritize their campaigns: to win states, not people. According to Waldman, the states that are most in favor of the Electoral college are small conservative states who wish to keep the college to magnify their influence. The main point of this article is that the Electoral college will remain as an institution until Republicans lose faith in it (or it costs them an election). Waldman finished off this piece by saying that hopefully this past election will pave the way to kill the Electoral College once and for all. This article did not try to veil its partisanship. It strongly implies favor to a particular party and does next to nothing to show the benefits of the Electoral College. Language such as “transcendent numbskullery” are used to make fun and ridicule. True, Donald Trump’s tweets sometimes lack professionalism but stooping down to mock does not make the writer of the article look very highly either. Blame for the the Electoral College is squarely placed on Republicans by claiming “until it starts hurting Republicans, we’re stuck with the Electoral College,” making it seem as though Republicans are the only reason the Electoral College is still around. The main flaw in this argument is tha... ... middle of paper ... ...e current election system, with some calling for reform, and others for its importance. The only way to be rid of the Electoral College would be via constitutional amendment, which requires the approval of ¾ of the states. Most likely this will not ever happen, because small conservative states know that by letting go of the Electoral College they would lose importance in forthcoming elections. Americans have to remember that the Electoral College is how small states with lower populations get their voices heard. Without it, elections would be ruled by large cities who usually lean more left and don’t have the same interests as their rural counterparts. It does its best to give Americans of different The Electoral College is a vital part of what makes our country so unique; it gives helps distribute the power of voters across the country and should not be abolished.
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