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State of the art networking Essay

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The growth of network bandwidths has contributed to Internet traffic since the
introduction of packet switching. In recent years, new applications such as Peerto-
Peer (P2P) file sharing, multi-media, and mobile computing have increased
users’ expectations, motivating new designs in which various communication
links, such as grid [32], satellite, wireless and mobile computing, can securely
participate and handle traffic at higher layers of the protocol stack.
These new applications vary in traffic and connection characteristics in various
communication links. Most of them still use TCP for data transfer because of its
reliability and stability. There have also been performance issues in the
implementation of large networks that require high bandwidths.
These issues led to the development of new and different schemes with more
reliable characteristics and better congestion control to address the problems; one
example is XCP (i.e. Xplicit Congestion Protocol) [23]. XCP demonstrates good
performance characteristics when tested on routers and on satellite systems
[23,24]. Other variants, such as STCP and DCCP, are designed to improve
congestion control. Some variants such as XCP face challenges on deployment
because they require changes in the routers in addition to the operating systems
of end hosts. Recent studies have shown that the gradual deployment to update
Internet facing routers results in a significant performance drop. With
characteristics similar to TCP, it also has security flaws.
Apart from congestion control and performance, for which TCP variants were
developed, security considerations need to be included in the architectural
designs of the new generation of protocols [23].
Developments in 2007 i...

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...ent from that of traditional Internet applications. First, the data transfer
often lasts a very long time at very high speeds. Second, distributed applications
need cooperation among multiple data connections. Fairness between flows with
different start times and network delays is desirable. Finally, in grid computing
over high performance networks, the abundant optical bandwidth is usually
shared by only a small number of bulk sources. The concurrency is much smaller
than that on the Internet.
Here adopt an example presented by []. We present a simple but typical example
application – called the streaming join. Suppose that real time data streams
coming from a remote machine A and a local machine B are joined at another
local machine C with a window-based join algorithm [71].
Also, assume that the two data streams are composed of records of the same size.

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