State Of Rhode Island : List Of All Types Of Hazards Emergency Response Personnel

State Of Rhode Island : List Of All Types Of Hazards Emergency Response Personnel

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Figure V. is courtesy of Department of Environmental Management, State of Rhode Island: List of all types of Hazards Emergency Response Personnel may respond to.

It is important to recognize the need to respond, especially when a national incident affects the entire country. Federal, state and local response personnel are not the only assets that may be required in the aftermath of a strike on the homeland (“Preparing Responders to Respond,” 2003). There are also private response individuals and companies who may be stakeholders within the affected areas. In contrast, the appropriate terminology of “emergency responders,” comprises all personnel within a community that might be needed in the event of a natural or technological (man-made) disaster or terrorist incident (Chapman et al., 2012). Elite ERP are mandated to be ready and willing to run, not walk, to the nearest deployment area if they are to save lives and property. There is simply no time for mistakes or to repair one’s personal issues. Where victims and property are concerned, time is of the essence.
Step 12: A Need to Love
Proverbial insight has it that charity begins with the respect of one’s self. Peter Singer’s message in One World: The Ethics of Globalization is that we must now consider the entire world and all of its citizens our home (Langlois, 2008). Thousands of emergency management workers have stated they are lucky to be doing what they love while making a living. These professionals are aligning their personal values in a working environment and at the same moment they are providing love and charity, for that is what they believe in. For centuries people all over the world have dealt with the idea that employment is something that is unattached from pe...

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... ERP are finding it difficult to focus on what they may be doing; one must realize it is time to find a quiet spot and escape when fear is mounting. As you are resting, relieve tensions by flexing muscle groups starting with the feet and working your way up to the face and jaw, contracting and manipulating each area;
Focus on Goal Directed Activities

 Create priorities before deployment. When the call goes out to disaster aid employees, a mental picture should be constantly placed in the mind of ERP for what kind of death and destruction experiences they may face. Once established, goals should be set in place to overcome the premeditated dangers one might face. Saving one life at a time can be an outstanding part of emergency and disaster mitigation (“How to Calm Your Fear Reactions,” 2010; Tartakovsky & read, 2015).

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