Essay on The State Of Nation State

Essay on The State Of Nation State

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The nation-state has developed quite recently, prior to the 1500s in Europe the nation-state did exist because they didn’t know much else other than the village in which they came from. The term nation-state means a form of political origination in which a group of people who share the same history, traditions or language line in a particular are under one government. But the term the nation-state is much more than that, the hyphen in the middle of the term is what links them. The nation-state has four components which are territory which can also mean land and area. The second component are the population or people, the third is the government and the fourth component is Sovereignty, supreme power or authority to govern itself or another state. Nation states possess sovereignty and legitimacy. The significance of the nation state is that, once consolidated around a particular nationality, it is a stable form of state organization.
The concept of nation is referring to only to a socio-cultural entity, a union of people sharing who can identify culturally and linguistically. This concept does not necessarily consider formal political unions. The nation are the people it is created because the people share a belief that they are all connected to one another. Nation refers to the people and its culture, the diversity and the religion. Many members of a nation take pride in being part of something that is bigger than themselves. The members of a nation frequently differ in many ways, this includes speaking different languages and participating in different cultural practices but that is what makes the diversity of nation. People do disagree about what it actually means to be a nation, because sometimes a nation can transc...

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...a political corruption scandal resulted in the disbandment of the existing political parties. With new political parties, a more stable and steady government has been put in place as a result. The Italian language is now spoken by about 90% of the population, often in addition to a regional dialect.
Yes, the nation-state has been the most important and successful political organizations since the 1500s. I think the reason the nation-state is so popular is because it is a very subjective thing, different people can interoperate the meaning of nation-state into so many different things, but it is successful because it allows people to link together because of the similarities in their history, language and the culture that they may share. There are many groups that yet today cannot form a distinct nation-state such as the Palestinians and the Kurds in the Middle East.

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