Essay about The State Of Indiana

Essay about The State Of Indiana

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The state of Indiana has also created laws to help prevent and intervene in elder abuse. One of these laws includes making everybody in the state of Indiana a mandated reporter. This means that if any Indiana resident witnesses or suspects elder abuse, they are legally required to report it to the proper authorities. Failure to report can result in class B misdemeanor charges being brought against this person (Family and Social Services Administration, 2016). It is a class A misdemeanor to financially exploit a person in Indiana and if the value exceeds $10,000 or the person is 65 or older, the charge becomes a level 6 felony (Adult Protective Services, 2016).
My research has changed the way I view this population in many ways. I do not know a lot of older adults and the ones that I do know are, for the most part, healthy and the ones that are not, are well taken care of. The things I have read have showed me how vulnerable this population really is. I had no idea that abusing older adults was so common, not only in our society, but around the world.
I also have a lot more respect for the population now. Despite their health declining and the possibility of abuse, most of these people maintain a good outlook on life and people. They may be less trusting of others after abuse, but in general, once the abuse has stopped they want to continue living and enjoying their lives. A lot of younger adults I know to have been abused do not even take this positive of an outlook on life after being abused.
This research has also made me realize that this population needs somebody to be their voice just as much as a child would. Previously, I assumed that most, if not all, older adults had at least one person who would fight for ...

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...current residence. If a client wishes to stay where they are, it is important to include them in the process of making a plan to ensure they are safe from harm.
While the prevalence of elder abuse in our state, country, and world, I believe Social Workers, doctors, and law enforcement personal do everything they can to keep this population safe. There are many places they can choose to live, programs they can participate in, and case workers they can visit with to insure they are physically, financially, mentally, and sexually safe. There are also many effective assessment and intervention techniques that are used to stop abuse and bring the abused to safety. Social workers, researchers, doctors, law enforcement, caretakers, and lawyers will continue to fight for the rights, safety, and social justice this population needs and deserves until there is no more abuse.

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