The State Of Florida Vs. Chad Heins Essay

The State Of Florida Vs. Chad Heins Essay

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The case of the State of Florida vs. Chad Heins happened in 1994 in Mayport, Florida. It was on April 17, 1994 that Tina Heins, who was pregnant at the time, was found stabbed to death in her apartment. She shared an apartment with her husband Jeremy Heins and Jeremy’s brother Chad Heins. At the time of the incident Jeremy Heins was on a ship because he worked in the navy but Chad Heins was at the apartment. Before the incident happened Chad Heins, the defendant, who was nineteen at the time, used his brothers license to buy alcohol at a strip club near the apartment. After that Chad Heins had went to another bar where his brothers license got confiscated. He left the bar around 12:45 a.m. and went back to the apartment. He then washed his mouth and fell asleep on the couch forgetting to pick up Tina Heins. Chad was known for being a heavy sleeper which is why he missed a call from Tina. Tina got a ride home and went to bed soon after. There are two version of the story of what happened next. According to LaForgia (2006), “Heins ' attorneys in 1996, Brent Shore and Quentin Till, said their client lay passed out on the couch as a killer stabbed Tina Heins 27 times, washed the blood from his hands in the bathroom sink, disconnected a smoke alarm and then set fire to the apartment. Only when flames burned his hand did Heins wake up, his lawyers said.” Angela Corey, the assistant state attorney had a different view about what happened. She said that Chad Heins went into Tina Heins room and attempted to have a sexual encounter. Tina had refused causing Chad to become angry, therefore, grabbing a knife in which he used to stab Tina repeatedly. Although Tina fought back it did not leave any scratches on Chad.
When the police had arrive...

... middle of paper ... this homicide it is not enough to consider him guilty. The clothes that he was wearing did not have blood on it and there were no clothes found at the crime scene that had blood in it. The only evidence found at that time was the three hairs found on Tina’s body which did not match Chad Heins. There was that third fingerprint that did match the hair found on Tina’s body as well as several objects throughout the apartment. All of this should not have been enough to put Chad Heins in prison but it did and he ended up serving thirteen years incarcerated for a crime that he did not commit. It was only because of the technology that helped proved Chad Heins innocence. The DNA from the unknown male has been put into the database for known offenders but has not matched anyone yet. Although we do not know who did commit the crime we do know that Chad Heins did not do it.

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