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The night of August 29th, 2010 started innocently enough as I was enjoying dinner and drinks with my friends, Zak and Sara at Brubaker's. Tomorrow marked the first day of fall semester, and I was receiving a wealth of information on life as a college freshman. Little did I know, that in two short hours I would be face down on the hood of a police car.

Zak had consumed numerous beers and shots, and was so intoxicated he could barely keep his eyes open much less make the 20 minute drive home. Since I had only consumed two beers during dinner, I made the mistake of driving them home.

Although it was a humid night, the steel restraints were oddly frigid as they strangled the life from my wrists and ultimately, my spirit. I was told to take a seat in the back of the squad car, while the officer moved my car. As I sat there peering through the dingy metal grate of a window, I hoped this was all one giant nightmare. I had been speeding, but committed a much more costly crime.

As we pulled up to the Justice Center I was overcome with terror. I felt as if my lungs were constricted by a rubber band. As I sat in in the back of the mobile prison, I became numb. Officer Polansky opened the car door as I drew one last breath of freedom. It was then, that I muttered silently to myself, “Sometimes doing the right thing is not always the right thing to do.”

As Officer Polansky and I stood silently in the elevator, each floor became more and more paralyzing, upon arriving at the final floor, an unexpected calmness fell upon me. I was the furthest thing from being drunk, yet that moment in the elevator was the most humbling and sobering moment my life. The steel doors struggled open and Officer Polansky escorted me to the tes...

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Unfortunately, the closure was short lived; the evidence finally “surfaced” and my case was reopened. On December 23rd, I was convicted, and again my license was revoked.

On February 24th, I completed my six-month license suspension. Although I am not completely out of the woods, I am nearing the end of my sentencing, with a four-day jail term in a couple of weeks.

While this experience has left me mentally, emotionally, and financially drained, I am doing what I originally set out to do seven months ago. I am a college student in the process of rebuilding new foundations of self-confidence with each assignment I complete.

I have learned that courts, judges, prosecutors, attorneys, family, and my friends can “convict” me of anything. However, it is my conviction, my deeply-rooted, unwavering belief in myself that defines who I am as a person.

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