The State Of California Is A Water Crisis Essay

The State Of California Is A Water Crisis Essay

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The state of California is in a water crisis. No, this is not the first time we have had an extended dry season or even a severe drought, but there is no reason why we should not treat it as though it could be the last time this state is afflicted by such an intense water shortage. Water shortages are only going to get more and more extreme here if we continue to stress our environment by sucking out every last drop of water it has to offer before it can be replenished. We need to properly monitor and manage water consumption throughout the state by allotting a sustainable amount of water to a finite number of residents.
Too few of California 's people have been receiving too much of California 's water for free and for a long time. Instead of cutting back on water usage, the federal government has funded projects to allow for more water to be accessed by the people who need it the most: the moneymaking farmers. The vast majority of this water has been supplied to the farmers of this state through extremely costly and environmentally-destructive methods including the construction of man-made rivers, main-stem dams, the mining (and subsequent rapid exhaustion) of 10,000 years ' worth of groundwater, and more (Reisner, 1993). These ways of artificially distributing water to solid grounds is destroying the areas from which the water came. All of these irrigation methods exist merely to redirect water to the naturally arid and barren lands that now grow at least half of the nation 's fruit, vegetables, and nuts (Reisner, 1993). But is so much produce necessary? And does it absolutely have to come from this inherently infertile area? The correct answer to both questions is “no” if we want to continue to have access to clean fresh wate...

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Adequately regulating the use of one of our most precious natural resources can help to ensure that one day this will not be such a catastrophic problem. If we can hold out long enough to allow the water supply to replenish, our posterity will have a viable land to live off of without feeling as though they are consuming beyond their needs, like we do now. Educating everyone about this crisis is a must, otherwise people will continue to ignore the problem until it is too late. With the knowledge to do so, people will change for the better. Any sort of positive adjustment to our current wasteful behaviors needs to happen. Not just soon: now. If we do not change our current habits concerning water consumption and waste, other nations will become the sources of our water. Once we have exhausted their water supply as well, where then will be the source of our water?

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